27 DECEMBER, 2021

While the world is evolving, it makes sense if you want to bring changes around you too. You could want to upgrade your vehicle or buy the latest phone model. But what about your house? Shouldn't it be as per the latest renovation ideas too? Your house interior reflects your personality and helps people identify your style. While the calendar is changing, why not bring some changes to your house too. If you are looking forward to giving your house a makeover, we can help.

Here are some top renovation concepts to give your house a lavish look in this New Year.

  • Change the floorings

Upgrading your flooring is the simplest way to give your house a lavish look. While marble flooring looks rich, wooden flooring provides elegance to the house. You can switch to wooden panelling and wooden flooring to give your house a natural look. The best thing is, there are different options for colors and textures in wooden flooring. If your house is airy and ventilated, you can opt for a light-coloured wooden shade for flooring that matches the ambience. You can also explore different wood types like oak, maple and cherry for floorings.

  • Give a green touch

Adding some green touch can instantly change the look of your house. You can go au naturel by adding some plants and pots in your surroundings. You can add in spider plants, bamboo or aloe vera. You can also put some air-purifying plants in the corners of your room. If you have a balcony, a money plant creeper will help brighten the area and complement the wooden flooring and furniture. You can also use cork for tableware and give your house a modern look.

  • Wall decor

You can revamp your house quickly with a change in the walls. You can either get it whitewashed and painted in new palettes. Alternatively, you can also use wallpapers in coordinating colors. Adding mirrors and wall decor would also help accentuate the walls. Moreover, add some dim lights and chandeliers to transform the ambience and mood. You can also highlight one wall in a room with a dark colour.

  • Opt for different interior styles

Life is too short to stick with the basic style. Choose from different interior styles ranging from bohemian, royal, contemporary, traditional, minimalist, etc. For a bohemian style, you can add dream catchers and wall hangings in multiple colours. Similarly, you can add rich carpets and antique showpieces to give your house a royal and traditional makeover. Whatever style you choose, it should reflect your personality and style.

Renovating your house can give it a lavish and grand look. However, expenses like painting your walls, changing the flooring, getting new upholstery, etc., can get difficult to bear depending on the size of your house. A personal loan for home renovation can help. A home renovation loan can help you pay for all the expenditures without depleting your savings. Make sure to check the personal loan interest rate before you choose the loan plan. So, wait no more. Revamp your house and throw a lavish party in a renovated house, this New Year.


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