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11 MARCH, 2020

With the festive season around the corner, you might have already started your preparations for a vacation with your friends or family. The year end is ideal for taking a small vacation owing to the factor that there are leaves across schools, colleges and offices.

Most of us plan well in advance to make the most of our vacation, however we often miss out on planning it smartly. Many of us plan expensive vacations which lead us into stressful financial situations soon after.

Check out our carefully curated list of ways through which you can travel economically this festive season:

Pre-book your vacation
Before you set out for your long awaited vacation, pre-book the travel tickets and hotel rooms, take care of the local commute and book the places that are a must visit on your travel diary. One big advantage of pre-booking is that you can avail discounts which can save considerable amount of money.

You can also plan to apply for a travel loan in advance with a suitable rate of interest for financing your vacation.

Pre-plan for contingencies
Unwanted problems can come up any time during a vacation and you must be well prepared for it. Carrying first aid kits, supply of medicines, being aware of the hospitals and clinics nearby and keeping an extra amount of money aside just for such emergency purposes is essential for trips. 

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Group travel
Embarking on journeys with relatives and friends can minimize your expenses. Joining groups for foreign and domestic travels is an excellent idea for optimizing the spending. Traveling in a group divides the expenditures in lodging, food and travel.

Even travel companies provide discounts, especially during festivals to a group of travelers heading for a particular destination. Traveling in a group also provides a sense of safety and security.

Carry less luggage
Pack light while heading out for vacations. Burdening yourself with excess luggage can be stressful and can also cost you financially owing to the carrying capacity in flights. A lot of luggage also increases the chances of theft.

Use technology
Use technology to understand your vacation destinations better. Knowing about your destination in advance through google earth, maps and travel websites will help you to list down the places to visit, make you aware of the modes of transportation and provide you essential information about the hotels.

Shopping wisely
Heading out for vacations involve a lot of pre purchasing and a lot of purchase while visiting the places. You would want to keep souvenirs, hold on to the memories of the places by buying handicrafts and attires of the region. The prices of these articles are usually steep and hence, try and keep a limit in mind while negotiating well.

Try to cut the cost
If you are going for a vacation financed through an instant personal loan, then it is advised that you minimize your expenditures as much as possible. This will help in reducing your burden.

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