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Think of something that always makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Sleeping in on a Sunday with nowhere to rush, a sweet memory from your childhood, the perfect cup of hot chocolate, a hug from your mother – anything that brings you joy and makes you feel safe. Now imagine if you could feel that way every time you stepped into your home. What if you could set up your home in a way that creates an environment of contentment and increases your sense of well-being? What if you could Hygge your home this January? 

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian concept of setting up your home in a way that makes it more comfortable and cosier, creates a warm atmosphere, and allows you to enjoy the little pleasures of life. You can think of it as slow living or mindfulness, of ensuring that your home truly is the place you feel relaxed and calm in. While there is no direct translation for the word “Hygge”, it dates to the Middle Ages, and people believe that the word it originated from means “protected from the outside world”. So how can you set up your home so that it protects your peace from the stresses of the world? Let’s find out.

  • The dos and don’ts of Hygge décor
    • 1. Neutral Walls

To create a sense of harmony and peace, it’s important to opt for neutral colours for painting the walls in your home. Nothing should be overwhelming or overstimulating. Instead, a neutral colour palette of browns, creams, and light greys will help give a relaxing vibe to your space. 

Stay away from bright, loud colours that are distracting and demand attention. You can use pops of colour if you like in the form of cushions, rugs, and curtains to suit your taste. However, that too must be kept to a minimum so that there is an overall subtle aesthetic.

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2. Focus on the bathroom

Focus Instead of a quick shower, your bathroom can become a soothing retreat. You can build a spa-style bathroom with a bathtub, rugs, candles, etc. You can be mindful of the skincare and haircare products you use and the way you store them. Your senses of sight, smell, and touch should be pleased and relaxed whether it’s during your morning bath or a night soak. 

Setting up a spa-style bathroom can cost a bit, especially if you want to add a luxury item like a bathtub. You don’t need to worry about funding this need, though. You can simply apply for personal loan for home renovation online. The best part about such a home renovation loan is that you don’t need to provide collateral, and the documentation required is minimal. So, the moment you have your plan for upgrading your home in place, you can apply for a personal loan online in a few easy clicks and get the funds disbursed within a few hours in your bank account. 

3. Candles and lighting

A big part of Hygge décor is candles and lighting. It’s important to use candles that are not overpowering in scent or made of toxic chemicals. Look for soy-based candles with soothing scents and figure out what you like the best. At one time, don’t light candles with different scents. Instead, use multiple candles of the same scent to create a sense of harmony. 

For lighting, opt for warm, yellow lights either in the form of ceiling lamps or decorative lights. Remember, though, the lights should be dainty, and the light should not be harsh. The act of turning on warm lights once the sun goes down is a great way to let your mind know you can wind down for the day.

4. Natural Elements

Nature inherently brings a sense of feeling grounded and calm so it’s essential to add as many natural elements in your home as possible. Wooden furniture is a functional way of doing so, especially if you don’t want to maintain plants. Remember, the type of wood you select should be consistent across all furniture items and should be of high quality. 

Good quality wooden furniture can be expensive. However, when you opt for a home improvement loan, you have the flexibility of using the funds for any purpose you may see fit. So, you can buy furniture, set up your bathroom, paint the walls, redo the flooring, etc., whatever your home needs to be more Hygge. 

  • Using your new space for increased well-being

Focusing on décor is just one part of Hygge. The second, and more important part is what that décor and setup allow you to do and feel. Here are some important Hygge lifestyle elements you should know about that you can incorporate for enhancing your wellness:

• Dedicate a space, a tiny space even, in your home for a nook for something that matters a lot to you. This could be a reading nook if you like reading, or you could also add a coffee station in a corner for your favourite beverage. 

• Open space and seating are important because a big part of Hygge is spending quality time with your loved ones. So big enough couches, comfortable rugs, pouffes in corners, etc., are good to include.

• Eating well is essential too so having your fridge stocked up with your favourite foods, having fruit bowls, and having a dedicated dining table or space is essential.

• Take up a new hobby that you can explore at home in the new space that you are creating for yourself. This could be baking, learning to play the piano, painting, or even meditation.

• Hygge is about living in the moment and feeling in sync with yourself, so having a no-device zone or a no-device hour could be helpful.

Ending note

Now that you know what Hygge is all about, you can start by taking a stock of your home as it is now and list down all the changes that you want to make to have it more aligned with Hygge décor. Then, you can estimate the cost for all these home improvements or renovations you need to undertake and figure out how you will finance them. 

In case you don’t have enough savings or you don’t wish to use up all your savings for this, you can consider applying for a personal loan for home renovation. Once you know how much amount you need, you can figure out the personal loan interest rate and what that would translate to in terms of the Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI). For this, you can make use of personal loan EMI calculator.

The good thing about a home improvement loan is that you can get the funds almost immediately and get started with home renovations without having to wait. The cost of home renovations can be spread over a period of time that you are comfortable with while the sense of comfort and warmth from your new, Hygge-focused home can begin now. 

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