Amazon No Cost EMI on Credit Cards: Eligibility & How it Works
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As the saying goes, wishing and planning require equal energy. While humans often make wishes and work hard to make them come true, sometimes those wishes are financially out of reach. However, now, there's a solution. Amazon, one of India's leading online shopping platforms, offers a No Cost Amazon EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) option on Credit Card purchases.

This payment option has become popular with Credit Card holder due to its convenience. Furthermore, there are no extra costs applied to EMIs. When availing No Cost EMI scheme, customers making significant purchases won't have to pay processing fees, interest, or down payments.

Here, we will look at the steps involved in availing this Amazon financing scheme.

Eligibility for No Cost EMI on Amazon

Certain terms and conditions exist for availing an Amazon No Cost EMI using a Credit Card. They are as follows:

  • To be eligible for this payment option, you must make a minimum purchase of Rs 5,000 using your Kotak Mahindra Bank Debit Cards.
  • Participating sellers and brands fund no Cost EMI. It is only available on particular products.
  • No Cost EMI can only be availed using Credit Card. Other payment methods, such as net banking and cash on delivery, cannot be used.
  • The payment option can only be availed on eligible items added to the cart.
  • Customers can only avail No Cost EMI if the order is not canceled or the product is not returned or exchanged.

By utilising the pre-approved overdraft option from your bank, Amazon can deduct the monthly EMI payment from your account. The No Cost EMI option is only available for select Debit Cards, including Kotak Mahindra Bank. Checking eligibility before making a purchase is essential to have a seamless experience. Furthermore, being aware of Amazon's No Cost EMI and its eligibility beforehand can help customers save time and effort pursuing an option that may not be suitable.

Steps to Avail Amazon No Cost EMI on Credit Cards

The process of utilising the No Cost EMI option is quite simple. To take advantage of this offer, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Choose a product eligible for No Cost EMI

While not all products on Amazon are eligible for the No Cost EMI option, many popular items are included in this scheme. To check whether a product is eligible for this payment option, look for the Special Offers section on the product detail page.

Step 2: Check the available EMI plans

Once you have verified that the product is eligible for the No Cost EMI option, reviewing the available EMI plans is essential. This payment option is only available on EMI tenures of 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. So you will need to choose one of these options.

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Step 3: Select the desired EMI plan

It's essential to carefully examine how Credit Card No Cost EMI works on Amazon. You must check all the instalment options available under the scheme to select the one that best suits your financial needs.

Step 4: Add the product to your cart and proceed to checkout

Once you have confirmed that the product is eligible for the No Cost EMI option and have reviewed the available EMI plans, add the product to your cart and head to the checkout page. Select your shipping address and a payment method from there and confirm your order.

Step 5: Select your Credit Card and confirm the payment using the EMI option

Once you have selected the suitable EMI option, you will need to enter your card details, including the card number, name on the card, and CVV (Card Verification Value) number.

Step 6: Monitor your Credit Card statement for the EMI payment schedule

After you have completed your purchase on Amazon using the No Cost EMI option, keeping track of your Credit Card statement is essential. It helps ensure your EMI payments are being processed correctly.

Remember that the No Cost EMI offer on Amazon is only available on select products. Nevertheless, following the steps above, you can easily understand what is No Cost EMI in Amazon and utilise this offer to make your purchases more affordable.

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Advantages of Amazon No Cost EMI on Credit Cards

No interest or processing fee: No Cost EMI means that you will not be charged any interest or processing fees for availing this payment option.

The flexibility of payment: With this option, you can pay for your purchases in installments. It will help you manage your finances flexibly and easily.

Good credit score: Making timely payments towards your EMI can help you build a good credit history that leads to a high credit score. It can benefit you when making future financial decisions. By knowing how Credit Card EMI works in Amazon and utilising it accordingly, you can manage your finances more effectively.

Easy repayment options: Breaking down your payments into installments with the No Cost EMI option can be very beneficial. Instead of paying a large lump sum upfront, you can pay the same amount over some time.

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The No Cost EMI option on Amazon can be a convenient purchase method. However, considering whether you can pay the EMIs monthly for a product is also essential, as it can affect your credit report.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is No Cost EMI In Amazon?

The No Cost EMI offer on Amazon allows you to divide a product's cost equally over time without incurring any additional fees or Credit Card EMI interest rates.

How does Amazon No Cost EMI work?

When customers use the No Cost EMI payment option on Amazon, they are only required to pay the instalments over the EMI tenure that adds up to the product's list price as displayed at the time of purchase.

It means customers do not have to pay additional interest or processing fees on their investment, making it a more affordable option.

Are there any additional charges or fees for availing of Amazon No Cost EMI?

Although the No Cost EMI option does not involve any Credit Card EMI interest rate on the principal amount, it does not necessarily mean that you will only pay the actual cost of the product.

Many lenders charge a processing fee for the No Cost EMI option.

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