₹2 Lakh Personal Loan - EMIs Starting as low as 10.99%
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  • Personal
  • Business
  • Corporate
  • Private Banking
  • Privy League
  • NRI Services
  • Investors
₹ 2 Lakh Personal Loan

₹ 2 Lakhs Personal Loan

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get ₹2 lakh instantly?

Securing a ₹2 Lakh Personal Loan instantly is possible with the right approach.

  • Check Eligibility: Initially, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, which typically include age, income, and credit score requirements.
  • Apply Online: Utilise the Kotak website to apply for a Personal Loan. The online application process is quick and straightforward.
  • Documents Submission: Prepare to upload essential documents digitally, which may include ID proof, address proof, and income proof.
  • Quick Processing: Our systems and personnel diligently review your application promptly.
  • Instant Approval and Disbursal: If your application is complete and you meet all the requirements, approval can be fast-tracked, enabling the disbursal of funds to your account almost instantly.

What documents are required for ₹2 lakh loan?

Applying for a Personal Loan online requires the following documents.


  • Identity Proof:A government-issued ID card that verifies your identity.
  • Address Proof: Documents like utility bills or an Aadhaar card that confirm your residential address.
  • Income Proof: Salary slips or bank statements that showcase your financial stability and capability to repay the loan.

Having these documents ready and accessible can expedite the online application process, making it smoother and quicker for you to obtain the loan.

How can I get a ₹2 lakh loan in one day?

Obtaining a ₹2 lakh loan in one day is feasible with careful planning.

  • Complete and Accurate Application: To avoid processing delays, ensure your loan application is filled out completely and accurately.
  • Immediate Document Submission: Upload or submit any requested documents without delay.
  • Stay Available: Be available to receive any calls from the lender for quick clarifications.
  • Quick Verification: With streamlined verification processes, Kotak can approve loans more rapidly, often within the same day.

What is the interest on ₹2 lakh loan?

The interest on an instant Personal Loan for ₹2 lakh can vary significantly based on several factors.


  • Credit Score: A higher credit score can help you secure a lower interest rate.
  • Lender Policies: Interest rates can differ from one lender to another based on their policies and the loan product.
  • Loan Tenure: The duration for which you take the loan can also influence the interest rate.


It's advisable to compare rates from different lenders and choose the one that offers the best terms suited to your financial situation. At Kotak, it starts at 10.99% per annum.

Can I prepay my ₹2 lakh Personal Loan without any charges?

Absolutely, you can prepay your ₹2 lakh Personal Loan. We at Kotak believe in making this process as seamless as possible. However, it's important to understand whether any prepayment charges apply can depend on the terms agreed upon at the time of loan sanction.

Typically, Personal Loans have a lock-in period during which prepayment might attract charges. After this period, you can partially or fully prepay your loan. We recommend reviewing your loan agreement for specific prepayment terms or contacting us directly. This way, you can plan your finances efficiently and save on interest costs by making an informed decision about prepaying your loan.