Apply For Insta SIP With a Smarter & Quicker Way From Kotak Bank | Kotak Mahindra Bank

What is Insta SIP?

Insta SIP is a simplified & automated yet intuitive Do-It-Yourself investment journey. It curates research-driven, multi-fund Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) optimized for you & your pocket. Tap away into the world of a smarter & quicker investment experience.

Why choose Insta SIP?

How is Insta SIP different from regular SIP investments?

Insta SIP offers easy, convenient, and quick transactions allowing you to invest in multiple schemes. Simply choose the total amount you’d like to invest per month/quarter, and it automatically recommends the Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) that suit your risk profile!

Who can invest?

Insta SIP is made-for-all. All you need is a valid KYC and an active Investment Account to get started. Just ensure that your Risk Profile updated. Haven’t done it yet? No worries — you can activate or update it on the go.

How are the schemes selected?

Insta SIP has a smart engine that picks schemes based on the chosen amount and the in-house recommendation process. Insta SIP chooses Diversified Equity Schemes with a large-cap bias. The funds are selected through a detailed assessment and powered by state-of-the-art technology.

Go on, take a SIP!

No more ‘Ifs & Buts’! Say YES to investments!