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Frequently Asked Questions


What is JioPay?

JioPay is a mobile based payment application available only on Jio Phones that you can use for payments at any contactless merchant terminal. Customer can enroll Kotak VISA Credit/Debit Cards on Jio Phone to make transactions.

How does JioPay work?

JioPay uses Near Field Communications (NFC) technology to make contactless payments using the cards enrolled in the application. Kotak VISA Debit/Credit Card can be selected at the time of payment and user can tap the backside of the Jio Phone on NFC enabled terminal to complete the payment. 

What devices are supported to use JioPay?

Currently JioPay is available only on Jio Phones.

Is JioPay supported outside India?

No. Currently JioPay is only supported for transactions with merchants/customers in India. 

What are the benefits of using JioPay?

JioPay provides a convenient way of making payments without the hassle of maintaining multiple plastic cards. 

How to update JioPay app?

Visit Jio Store on Jio Phone and update Jio Pay app. If Jio Phone software is not updated, then customer first needs to update to the latest software from Jio Phone settings >device>software update. Once latest software is updated on Jio Phone, customer can launch JioPay and start transacting. 

Do customer need a Jio mobile internet connection to use JioPay?

Yes. You need an active Jio SIM with mobile data to use JioPay. Currently, JioPay is only available on Jio Phones.

Does JioPay work over WiFi, hotspot, etc?

For first time login, customer must have active Jio SIM card on JioPhone, and after successful login JioPay can work on Wi-Fi or HotSpot.

How to Set Up JioPay?

Ensure to have a working Jio SIM in your Jio Phone and mobile data is turned on

  • Launch Jio Pay on Jio Phone
  • Accept Jio Pay T&C, Login into Jio Pay using OTP
  • Follow the instruction on screen and complete enrollment 

I am unable to setup my JioPay account. What should I do?

Check whether you have an active Internet connection with a Jio SIM and then re-launch JioPay. If the issue persists, please contact Jio customer care.

How do I reset or delete my JioPay account?

To reset or delete JioPay account,

  • Go to Options> Settings
  • Click on Reset JioPay.

What should I do if my device is stolen?

Contact Jio customer care if your device is stolen.

Can I use my JioPay account after a factory reset?

Yes. After a factory reset all your cards would be deleted from the devices, you will have to link your cards again.

Can I login to my existing JioPay account with a new JioPhone?

No. Your JioPay account is linked to your device and SIM. You will have to link your cards again in your new JioPhone.

Can I update my phone number linked to the JioPay account?

No. Your JioPay account is linked to your device and SIM. If you change your SIM, you will have to delete the existing account on your JioPhone and link your cards again.

Can I block my JioPay account?

Yes. Please contact Jio customer care.

Why do I need to set up a JioPay PIN?

JioPay PIN is a secure 4-digit PIN which provides an additional layer of security for your cards/ transactions and other activities within the JioPay app. PIN is required, at the time of making a payment using JioPay. Also, to view transaction history for any particular card, you need to enter JioPay PIN.

How do I set my JioPay PIN?

The JioPay PIN is set when you add your first card to JioPay. This PIN will be used to verify your card during all transactions and for validating your card.

How do I change my JioPay PIN?

To change your JioPay PIN: 

  • Go to Home Page Options>Settings.
  • Click on Change JioPay PIN.

I have exhausted the maximum retry attempts to authorize the JioPay PIN. What should I do?

In this case, you will have to select the 'Reset JioPay' option under Settings. Your JioPay app will be reset and you will have to add your cards again.

I forgot my JioPay PIN, how can I retrieve it?

In this case, you will have to select the 'Reset JioPay' option under Settings. Your JioPay app will be reset and you will have to add your cards again.

Can I disclose my JioPay PIN to a JioPay Customer Care executive?

Do not reveal your JioPay PIN to any other person. It should be strictly confidential to you.

How do I add my Kotak Bank card(s)?

To add Kotak Bank credit/debit cards,

  • Select the Add Card option
  • Enter the card details
  • Verify your Identity (You will receive an OTP on your bank registered mobile/email)

Which cards are supported in JioPay?

All Kotak VISA Debit/Credit cards are allowed.

How long will it take for my Kotak VISA Debit/Credit card to get activated on JioPay?

Your Kotak VISA Debit/Credit card will get activated once you see the successful message on your Jio Phone screen on adding your card.

Are my Kotak VISA Debit/Credit Card details stored by JioPay on the device or on its servers?

No. JioPay does not store any of your Kotak VISA Debit/Credit card details on its servers or your devices. JioPay only stores the token which acts as a proxy for your actual card which can be used only after entering the secure JioPay PIN.

How do I know if my Kotak VISA Debit/Credit card has been successfully added or not?

You will receive a success screen on adding your Kotak VISA Debit/Credit card. The card shall also be visible on your JioPay Accounts section screen.

Can I add an existing card to JioPay?

Yes. You can link an existing card if it is supported in JioPay.

I am unable to link my card. What should I do?

If linking your card has failed completely, please re-enter your details to link your card. If your card is partly linked, it shall appear on the home screen. Please click on it to complete the verification or delete the card and try linking it again. If the issue persists, please contact our customer care.

What are the options to receive the OTP for during card activation?

Your bank may provide verification through OTP/Email. JioPay currently supports both options - SMS & e-mail if available.

I have exhausted my attempts to retry the OTP. What should I do?

Please retry using a different OTP option. If this fails, please delete your card and try adding it again. If the issue persists, please contact our customer care.

I have exhausted all my OTP options. What should I do?

Please delete your unverified card and try adding it again. Same as above

How do I set a default payment option?

The last paid card will automatically get selected when you long press the ₹ button on the phone for making the payment. 

How do I delete my card?

To delete the card,

  • Choose the card you wish to delete
  • Enter your JioPay PIN
  • Choose Delete Card option
  • Your card would be deleted from JioPay app

Can I add the same card on multiple JioPay accounts?

Yes. The same card can be added on different JioPay accounts.

Do I need to agree to the Terms & Conditions to add my card?

Yes. These Terms & Conditions are provided by your bank. You need to accept them to link your card.

Can I continue to use my cards if I remove my card from JioPay?

Yes. You can continue to use your plastic card.

How do I make a contactless transaction?

To make a contactless transaction at a merchant POS terminal or any other contactless device, check if it supports contactless payment. To make a payment, 

  • Long press the ₹ button on your Jio phone / Select card for payment by switching left and right if more than one card available
  • Enter your JioPay PIN to authorize your transaction.
  • When Tap & Pay screen is displayed, hold your phone close to the POS terminal/receiver (typically 4 cm or less)
  • On successful Tap (when device in range of POS), the transaction is initiated, and you will receive a confirmation of success/failure of transaction after completion.
  • Please ensure to check the status of the transaction at the merchant terminal also and collect your purchase slip.

Please note that Tap & Pay feature is applicable for transactions up to Rs. 2,000. For transactions above Rs.2,000 enter your Kotak Debit/Credit Card PIN on the payment machine.

I am unable to complete a transaction, what should I do?

Please check whether NFC is enabled on your phone and retry the transaction. If this issue persists, please check with the merchant or contact your bank.

How do I check whether my transaction is successful or not?

On successful transaction, you should receive a SMS message from the bank indicating debit of your card. You can also view this transaction in the transaction history on the app.

Please ensure to check the status of the transaction at the merchant terminal as well and collect your purchase slip.

Can I check the transaction history?

Yes. You can view the last 10 transactions for every card. You would need to enter your JioPay PIN viewing the transactions.

Are there any transaction limits on my cards?

Yes Transactions limits are same as the card limits.