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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is secure and easy-to-use mobile payment service which can be used to make purchases and payments nearly everywhere.

Which devices are compatible with Google Pay in India?

All devices with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher are compatible to use Google Pay App for making merchant payments via Debit/Credit Cards. Currently, Apple Phones do not support adding Debit or Credit Card to Google Pay app.

Google Pay App is available on Google Play Store and App Store.

How to Add Kotak Cards to Google Pay?

To Add Kotak Debit/Credit Card, open Google Pay App and follow below steps:


  • Tap Profile Payment methods -Add card.
  •  Enter the Kotak Card number, Expiry date, CVV, and the cardholder’s name and billing address.
  • Tap Save
    • Accept Kotak Bank Terms & conditions
    • Choose Verification Option
    • App will be ask for additional authentication via OTP
  • OTP will be auto read or can  be entered  manually
  • After card is verified, it can be used for transactions.


  • OTP will be received via text message to the phone number/ email associated to Kotak Card.
  • Adding Kotak card to Google Pay will register the card for Tokenized card payments for all the below payment methods :
    • Tap & Pay at NFC enabled terminals
    • QR code based payments at merchants
    • Mobile Recharges on GPay and Online payments on 3rd party merchants where GPay is supported

In case you don’t want to register your card for any of the above transaction type listed above, you can always call Kotak customer care number to opt-out/deregister a particular transaction type, before/after adding the card.

How to remove Kotak Cards from Google Pay?

To remove Kotak Card from GPay App, follow below steps:

  • Open Google Pay App
  • Tap Settings - Payment methods.
  • Tap the card that you want to remove..

Please note:

Removing your Card from Google Pay will automatically disable all forms of tokenized card payments.

You can also call Kotak Bank to de-register your card on a per use case basis post card addition


Which Kotak cards can I register on Google Pay?

Kotak Visa Credit and Kotak Visa Debit Cards can be registered on Google Pay.

Where all can I use Kotak cards on Google Pay?

You can use a Kotak Credit or Debit card added in Google Pay for the following types of transactions:

  • Tap & Pay at NFC enabled payment terminals
  • Scan N Pay through Bharat QR code
  • In App Merchant Payment

How secure is my Kotak card on Google Pay?

Google Pay uses a process called “Tokenization” to replace card details. Tokenization is a method of replacing  sensitive payment Card information (Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV etc.) 

with a device-specific ‘Token’ which acts as a surrogate value that is then used for processing payments instead of the sensitive card information. Tokens are used to protect  payment information and to reduce the security risks inherent to plastic Cards.

Does GooglePay store any of my sensitive card information?

Google Pay does not store any of your sensitive card information like Full Card number, CVV, Expiry date either on the device or on the server.

What should I do if my device is lost or stolen?

  • You have an option to call Kotak Bank to de-register your Kotak Debit/Credit Card on Google Pay
  • You can open your Android Device Manager and Lock your device from the Secure Device option in the menu. This will deactivate all your Debit/Credit Card token and digital card number.
  • You can also choose to Wipe out the device in which case we will remove the tokens completely from the device instead of de-activating them

If I change phones, do I need to add the Cards all over again?

Yes, if you change your phone then all your Kotak Debit/Credit cards would have to be added again as   Cards are device specific. 

I want to recycle/give away my phone but my Cards are still added on the Google Pay app. What should I do?

  • You should delete all your Cards one at a time from Google Pay App
  • You should also log out of Google pay app and uninstall the Google Pay app

Will my Google Pay Card information still be on my device if it is formatted/reset?

No. Formatting or resetting your device will remove all payment Cards registered on your device.

How to make Contactless/Tap & Pay payments with Google Pay?

 Turn on your phone screen, and then unlock your phone and the Gpay App. 

  • All you need to do is tap your phone in the same way as you would tap your physical card at the terminal.
  • Please ensure that NFC is turned on in phone settings.
  • In case, you have multiple Kotak Credit/Debit cards added to your account and you wish to change your default card settings, you can do so through Google settings on your device (Not GPay settings)
  • Pay at any store that has a Tap and Pay enabled terminal. You should look out for terminals with contactless symbol.

What is the permitted limit for Tap & Pay or Near Field Communication (NFC) transactions?

The Permissible limit for Tap & Pay transactions in India is INR 5000. You can use Google Pay to transact only up to INR 5000 at merchant terminals. Your card PIN will not be required for these transactions.

I do not have a contactless card. Can I add my card to Google Pay and do Tap & Pay/ contactless in-store transactions

Yes. You can absolutely enjoy the contactless experience in Google Pay, even if your physical card is not contactless. All you need to do is have an NFC enabled phone and turn on NFC in settings and add your card to Google Pay

Is an additional factor of authentication (AFA) required for online and Bharat QR transactions?

SMS OTP is used as AFA for online and Bharat QR transactions. SMS OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number associated with the card being used. This is mandatorily required for all online and Bharat QR transactions irrespective of the order amount.

What is Google Pay helpline details?

Toll free number for Google Pay here: 1-800-419-0157.

Other contact details for Google Pay are here.


Do I need to have an active internet data connection for Google Pay to work?

Google Pay requires an active internet connection for Card registration and activation. Google Pay also requires an active internet connection for performing in-app (ecommerce) and Scan & pay transactions. However, an active internet connection is not required to do Tap & Pay for in-store card purchases, if you already have an added Kotak Debit/Credit card.

Google Pay does require internet connection periodically to update its security features. In such instances, if there is no internet connection, the app might not work intermittently until an active connection is established.

Can I enroll the same Kotak Debit/Credit Card on more than one device using Google Pay?

Yes, you can register the same Kotak Debit/Credit Card in multiple devices. Please note that even if you register your Kotak Debit/Credit Card on more than one device, any SMS communications about your Google Pay account will still be sent only to the registered mobile phone number with Kotak Card.

My Kotak Debit/Credit Card is greyed out in Google Pay, what does this mean?

This means that your Kotak Debit/Credit card is unsupported for the payment you are trying to make. Please note Cards are not supported for P2P payments meaning you can only pay merchants/businesses using Kotak Debit/Credit Cards added on GooglePay. Paying to friends/family is not supported using cards. You can always use UPI on Google Pay for the same.

What if my Kotak Debit/Credit Card is suspended or expired?

You will not be able to add your card to Google Pay if your card is suspended or expired. If your added card on Google Pay gets suspended or expired then they do not show up in the payment methods screen on Google Pay

Will my Kotak Debit/Credit Card work on Google Pay if my physical Card is closed or blocked?

No, if your physical card is blocked, then your tokenized card on Google Pay will not work.

Where Can I see the Google Pay card purchases made with my phone?

For online and Bharat QR transactions:

  • You can view your transaction history in the All transactions section on Google Pay
  • You can also view the transactions in your conversation section with the individual merchants

Your Tap & Pay transactions will not be visible in the Google Pay app and you can view them in the cards section on Kotak Bank Net banking or Mobile Banking portal.

The Kotak Debit/Credit Card image I see in Google Pay does not match my physical Card. Is there an issue with my card?

No, there is no issue. The Card displayed in Google Pay may differ slightly with the physical Kotak Debit/Credit Card. The key points to look for Kotak bank logo and Visa logo and the last four digits of the physical Card.



How can I register or de-register/register Bharat QR transaction?

Please contact Kotak bank’s 24X7 helpline 1860 266 2666.

How can I register or de-register/register for Tap & Pay/Contactless transaction?

Please contact Kotak bank’s 24X7 helpline 1860 266 2666. 

How can I register or de-register/register for online transactions?

Please contact Kotak bank’s 24X7 helpline 1860 266 2666.