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26 FEBRUARY, 2020

This is the season for all things merry. As the celebratory cheer spreads, you cannot help but don your ‘consumerist hat’. From splurging on your festive clothing and delicious sweets to decorating your house, it does not stop. However, it is important to trim your spends or you may end up going overboard. You can spend smart through the right use of your credit card. Credit card issuers offer some of the best bonuses to their customers and taking advantage of these can bring bigger savings.

Read on to know 4 ways through which you can save big during a holiday period:

Get a credit card with a sign-up bonus – Owing to the growing competition among credit card issuers, it is not hard to be offered a credit card with a sign-up bonus. The bonus can come in the form of cash back, discount on select restaurant meals and even airline-redeemable points. Usually, you must spend a certain amount to access these bonus benefits. If you can meet the spending requirement, then the sign-up bonus can save you big on shopping deals.

Make purchases on cardholder’s discount days – Credit card, especially retail credit cards are offered with special discounts on certain days of the month. Sometimes, you may also be receiving offers specially curated for you in your mail box. Go through the rewards program and make plans to shop on these days to double your festive savings.

Avail the extended warranty benefit – Buying new appliances or electronics for your home during this festive season? Well, getting extended warranties can be an expensive affair. Using a credit card that offers extended warranty coverage can save a lot of your money. However, ensure that you maintain your receipts to make claims when needed. 

Collect reward points – Credit cards carry big reward points. Every time you purchase through your credit card partners, you earn a set number of points. Accumulate these points and use them to make big savings on your festive purchases.

While you fall prey to the numerous marketing campaigns, the festive season can sway you in the direction of easy spending. Having a good budget plan in hand, coupled with the above credit card usage tricks can help you save a lot. Also, make your credit card payments on time or you could end up paying interest and late fees.

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