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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the status of my application?

Visit -> Apply online -> Check online Application status

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Why should I select a Kotak Credit Card?

Kotak Credit Cards symbolize the following guiding principles:


Kotak Credit Cards are simple to understand and use. We have taken special care to make them hassle free so that you can spend time on more important things in life that require your attention.


Kotak Credit Cards are transparent in communicating upfront what the card offers and what you would have to spend for it, if at all. We have taken care that there will be no hidden charges associated with this card.


Kotak Credit Cards have understood what you need the most from your credit card, and have been designed to give you only those benefits that are most relevant for you.

This promise from Kotak ensures that you only get the best from your credit card!

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How much time will it take to receive the Kotak Corporate Credit Card once I apply for the same?

Once we receive your application form complete in all respects with the necessary documents it will take a period of minimum 15 days to process your Card application.

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What if I cross my credit limit?

Your Card transactions will be approved till the assigned credit limit on your Card. If you exceed your credit limit, your transaction may get declined. In case you want the limit to be enhanced / revised, your Program Administrator needs to send us a request for limit enhancement on your card. It will take two working days to revise your credit limit.

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What should I do if my address/personal details have changed?

Request you to intimate us by sending an email through your Program Administrator. Kindly give us 4 working days to get your details changed in our system. Incase you also have any other relationship with Kotak Mahindra Bank (e.g. Savings Account, Current Account, Loan relation etc.), we request you to visit our branch and get your address/ personal details changed.

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