20 AUGUST, 2019

At the heart of Kotak Silk Savings Account, our savings programme designed especially for women, is the belief that financial independence is the true independence for women. Silk pays  special attention to activities and initiatives that revolve around information sharing, education, networking and recognition opportunities for women. As part of this philosophy, Kotak Silk partnered with Sheroes for their Indore Submit of 2019.

SHEROES is the largest women-only community platform with a growing member base of 1.4 million women pan- India, offering conversations, support and opportunities in key areas of finance and money management, careers, health, achievements and more.

The Indore Summit was an ideal chance for women to bring out inspiring stories and network around important platforms like financial empowerment through SILK. The theme of the summit was #BeYourOwnRani and was attended by over 500 women who were a combination of homemakers, entrepreneurs and students. It was packed with conversations, inspirations and infotainment.

There was an interesting line up of sessions by real life women ambassadors who have worked hard to earn the success they have and are now an inspiration for others. One of the speakers at the event was Ms. Shilpi Mishra, Executive Vice President, Kotak Mahindra Bank. She spoke on the topic- Women and Saving for Future, and shared her views on how women are the best spenders as well as savers at all times. Her talk included interesting anecdotes of her own experiences and her personal journey of financial independence. It was an encouraging session which motivated the attendees to take their first step towards financial independence by opening a Kotak Silk Savings Account and know more about useful investment options like Fixed Deposits, recurring Deposits or even Mutual Funds to help them build their own financial corpus.

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