The date of your monthly Recurring Deposit instalment will be same as the date of your first instalment debit.  

You can book a Recurring Deposit by following few simple steps:  

1. On Mobile Banking  

Go to Banking -> Fixed/Recurring Deposits  
Open Fixed Deposit  

2. On Net Banking  

Go to Investment -> Deposits  
Open A Fixed / Recurring Deposit  
Select Recurring Deposit  

Please Note:  

1. Recurring Deposit can be opened for a minimum of Rs.100/- and for maximum of Rs.1,00,000/- in multiples of 100.  

2. Minimum tenure for Recurring Deposit is 6 month and Maximum up to 120 month (10 years), in multiple of 3 months.  

3. Interest on the Recurring Deposit is compounded at quarterly intervals, at the applicable rates.

 4. Please click to check Recurring Deposit interest rates.

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Was this information helpful?