How do I log into Net Banking?

  • On the Net Banking login page, enter the CRN/Username/Card Number. You will also get option to save your CRN on that particular system, it would get stored in cookies in an encrypted format. Once cookie is deleted, you will have to again use this option to save CRN. In case you are using your card to login, the same would not get stored in cookies even if you check the “Remember me” option. In this case, also, the CRN gets stored in an encrypted format in Cookies.
  • Once the CRN is saved, thereafter you will not have to enter the CRN on login page. It would be displayed on the screen in masked format. In case of different CRN, you will get an option to change the CRN. In case of multiple CRNs, you will get an option to choose the CRN to login. To log into with another CRN, you will have to select “use another account”. To remove a CRN, you will have to click on “Remove CRN” link available on the screen.
  • On the next screen, you have to enter the password.
  • The CRN will be displayed in masked form on the screen. Option to enter password using Virtual keypad is also available. Google recaptcha will be triggered if you enter incorrect password tw
    • In case password entered is incorrect or CRN/Card/Username is incorrect, appropriate error message will be displayed. In case the CRN does not exist OR exists but it is inactive, you would be asked to enter your mobile number and then OTP. Post that, appropriate link would be shown. If CRN is correct and it is Net Banking Active, you would be shown the password entry page.
  • Post-successful password entry, you will be shown a 2-step verification option (OTP / Authenticate with MB / RSA Token) based on the eligibility and the preference set.
  • On OTP verification screen, mobile number and email ID will be displayed in masked format.
    • Option is provided to ask voice OTP. The option is enabled after 30 seconds
    • If in More Option you select the login with Mobile Banking option, you will have to log into the Kotak Mobile Banking App, then tap on the burger menu, which is on the top left corner of the app. From there, you need to select Approve Net Banking login from the menu, then enter either MPIN or use biometric, and then finally tap on Approve.
  • After completing the 2-step verification, you will be logged in and taken to the Net Banking dashboard.



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Was this information helpful?