I have already activated Kotak Mobile App on my phone. I want to activate it on my new phone as well. What should I do?

Please download the Kotak Mobile Banking App from Google Play Store/ Apple Appstore on your new phone. Follow the below process to activate:

  • Launch the app on new device and select ‘Click here to Log in’
  • On Registration screen, please select ‘No I don’t have my registered SIM in this phone’
  • On next screen, select ‘Activate from another device’
  • Enter your CRN & MPIN
  • On successful verification of CRN & MPIN, a QR code will be generated on your new phone
  • Go to your already activated phone & login using MPIN (Ensure the app is updated to latest version)
  • Click on the burger menu on the top left corner of your app & select ‘Device Management’
  • Here you will see a pending request from your new phone; click on ‘Approve’
  • Please confirm the disclaimer pop-up to ensure that you are activating your device only
  • After confirmation, phone camera will be invoked. Scan the QR displayed on your new phone from your existing device
Was this information helpful?
Was this information helpful?