Unclaimed Deposits / Inoperative Accounts

Unclaimed Deposits / Inoperative Accounts

List of Unclaimed Deposits / Inoperative Accounts in Kotak Mahindra Bank for 10 years or more

For activating the account/claiming the funds, please submit the below mentioned documents at any of our branches:


  • Request Letter mentioning the account/deposit number, name(s) of the account holder/authorized signatory, duly signed by all holders/signatories for activating the account/claiming the funds with the reason for not operating/claiming till date.
  • Account / Deposit Closure Form, in case of closure. (Please click here for the Form)
  • Latest valid KYC documents (applicable Identity, Signature & Address proof documents) & Photograph of each holder/signatory. Please carry the originals for verification when you visit the branch.
  • Original Term Deposit Advice/Receipt.



In case of death of any account holder, request you to get in touch with the nearest branch



Please Note:

  • Nomination facility is available on all deposit accounts, articles in safe custody and safe deposit vaults.
  • Bank exchanges soiled notes and mutilated notes.
  • Bank accepts / exchange coins of all denominations.
  • If a banknote tendered at the branch is found to be counterfeit, bank will issue an acknowledgement to the tenderer after stamping the note.
  • We accept direct tax collection.
  • We open 'No frills' accounts.
  • The Bank will consider the clear balance available in your account at the beginning of the day to process cheques in Inward Clearing.