Workplace Solutions

Awfis, an empanelled agency can provide you with the following services:

Office Space on Rent
Don't let real estate drain out your cash flow. Forget about investing heavily in an office space. Avail aesthetically designed workspaces for your business

Open and Fixed Workstations
Have the convenience of choosing between Open & Fixed workstations based on your requirement

Invigorating Infrastructure
Leave the nuts & bolts behind. Your employees get upbeat IT & Office infrastructure on Day-1 to get going

Private Cabins
Sensitive information and projects to discuss? No problem! Get Private Cabins for those really important and high-value meetings or simply command your cabin and show them who’s the boss!

Meeting Rooms

Host your client & business meetings in style through enlisted partner networks

Up to 15% discount across all works desks (Cabin, Fixed, Flexi) at all Awfis centres up to 20% discount across all meeting rooms at Awfis centres and Hotels listed on Awfis platform

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