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Yay, the holiday is finally on! Air tickets - Check, Stay arrangements - Check, Itinerary - Check, you're almost set for your international getaway. It's now time for the most nerve wrecking task - PACKING! Some of you may have faced that dreadful moment on a trip, when you realise that an 'important' thing got left behind. It's a common goof-up, and happens when people get overwhelmed with the trip and other things at hand. Here's a check list you can refer to, so that you don't travel with your essentials sitting back home.

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Know what you are walking into:

When planning your trip, you research enough about the place - what to do, where to stay, the best attractions etc. But in addition to this, there are a few details knowing which will help you prepare for the trip better! Before you begin packing, you must check for the climate and temperature, check how well equipped is your hotel, do you need to carry umbrellas or extra woollens, etc. Shopping for essentials could turn out to be a costly affair abroad.

Important documents:

When you're visiting another country, it is a must to carry your passport with you, at all times! It might not be every day that you get asked about your identity or your purpose of visit there, but it is best to stay prepared. You can also carry your driver's license in case you plan to rent a car and explore the place by yourself. Take a few copies of your IDs just to be on the safer side. You can opt for a fanny pack to hold all your essentials in one place and it also saves you the trouble of looking for it every time or even misplacing it.

Plenty of memories:

On your trip, you'll find beautiful visuals and moments to capture. So be sure to take along a high resolution camera or recorder, with enough storage space on the device. You can transfer the existing files on the device to some other storage, to create more storage space. You can also carry an extra memory card, if you wish to. If your trip has adventure in store, GoPro camera can be an ideal accompaniment.

Travel light:

It's a new place, so you would click a lot of picture, and hence look your best every day. The laundry concerns can make you over pack. So here's how to pack light:

1. Pack stylish and sensible:

Pack about 5 casual tops, 2 jeans and shorts, one party wear, 3 sleep wears, and a pair of footwear that goes with all styles. Also, you might want to carry a swimwear, in case you plan to hit the water.

2. Accessories:

Do up your look with sunglasses, a hat or cap, funky belts, some pieces of jewellery and a scarf. Device charger and adaptor: Mobiles, cameras, laptops etc. are now must-haves on a trip. And they need to be charged, but not all countries have the same plug outlet. Ensure you've the right type of adaptors for the electrical outlets in your destination countries.

3. Personal hygiene:

Do carry your hand sanitizer, oral care kit, hair brush, creams and lotions, a set of towels and hand towels, re-sealable plastic bags, and a small laundry soap. If your accommodation will take care of some of the above requirements, you could skip carrying them. But some items are best if carried along.


4. First aid and medication:

You wouldn't want ill-health to spoil your vacation. So take good care of your health and also do pack in basic aids like bandages, antiseptics, your prescription drugs (if any), medicine for headache, nausea etc.

Carry your entertainment along:

Not every moment of the trip will be engaging, and occasionally, you'll have time to yourself. That's when your reading or entertainment material will come handy. You can travel with an e-book, as it is light, portable, and can store loads of books. But if you aren't much of a reader, then you can consider downloading plenty of shows and films to help you pass time.


You can choose to use your Credit Card or an efficient Travel Card like Kotak Multicurrency Travel Card, which is accepted worldwide at all Visa accepting merchant outlets and ATMs. It comes with an insurance cover of up to Rs. 50,000 and covers loss of passport and travel documents. It is always a good idea to carry a bit of local currency as you might find places that accept only cash. If you're planning to use your Card abroad, be certain to inform your bank before you leave, so that the card is enabled for international usage.


The in-flight information and entertainment kit has great magazines and videos to help you get accustomed to your destination. So in case you missed out on anything in your research, these guide books can sort you out.

Travel insurance:

You would have a bunch of interesting experiences on your journey, but some of them could turn out to be shocking. There are incidences of people losing their luggage, getting injured, being robbed etc. Hence it is ideal to have a Travel Insurance in place. In case of any such mishap, this comes in handy and saves you considerable amount of money. So before you board the plane, do secure yourself and your belongings with Travel insurance. Read the fine print to know exactly what you're covered for.


Last, but not the least:

  • Secure your home completely - Switch off all the electrical outlets, turn off the water supply, secure all the doors and windows, and don't forget those tiny windows in your washrooms and store rooms.
  • Have some extra room in your baggage for the souvenirs you will want to bring back home.
  • Make sure you don't carry excess luggage beyond the permissible limits or carry items restricted by the air
  • Try not to take along a lot of valuables.
  • Make arrangements for your pet, if you have one (or more).

Hope you found the checklist helpful, and would use it on your next trip abroad. Here's wishing you a wonderful vacation and a safe journey! If you liked what you read, check out the 'Related articles' section for more such interesting reads

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