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Is your Car just a metal assembly on wheels that takes you from one place to another? Well, not really. Your Car is your joy, your pride, your companion, and the true love of your life. By no means an exaggeration, if you are one of those passionately devout souls who consider ‘behind the wheels’ to be the most blessed place on earth.

For all the joy and peace that your car brings into your life, it deserves to be pampered and made to feel special. That’s where accessorizing comes handy. The basic accessories that come with your car during purchase can make your vehicle look stock standard, and even bland and boring. Adding a dash of color, style and comfort, can give your car an instant facelift, and make heads turn the next time you take it for a spin.

Here are a some solid ways to get a makeover done:

Get new seat covers

Seat covers are usually the first thing that a person chooses to do up, because it’s one change that simply transforms the interiors. You may want to choose colours and materials that reflect your style and are an extension of your personality. The right pick can elevate the ambience and comfort like nothing else. The overhaul does not have to be confined to the seats, but can be extended to the dashboard, door panels and ceiling as well. You could even consider embossing or adding an emblem/logo of your name onto the seats to personalize it even more.

Give your car a voice of its own

Car is one place where music plays non-stop. So investing in a decent good audio system is worth every penny. The car aftermarket industry is brimming with a great variety of audio systems in the range of Rs. 5000 and above. A basic system would consist of the head unit and 2 speakers, which can be put either on the front doors or at the rear dash area. On the other hand, you can choose to go the extravagant way by installing a DVD hi-fi system, and adding component speakers. And if you are into bass music, you may add amplifiers and component bass speakers, and completely transform your car to deliver an immersive audio experience.

Paint your heart out

Are you an artist, do you like graffiti? Well, you car is your canvas! Because stock exteriors of a car don't allow you to stand out. And if you are not into art, a custom paint job can surely fix that for you. There are plenty of options available such as metallic paints, dual tone paints, and also chrome finish paints. Custom art pieces are an interesting and distinctive way of expressing your personality. A trending fashion these days is the use of hydro reactive paints. With this technology, when you pour water over the car’s exterior, it unveils another layer of a different colour. And when it dries, the top layer shows up again, giving the exteriors a distinct dynamic look.

Light up, jazz up!

Light customizations are in vogue these days. You can style up your headlamps with Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) that give your car an unconventional bold look. Another way to add bling to your armour is by installing LED lights below the car and inside the bonnet. The overflow of the glow from between the panel gaps conveys a powerful presence.

Go off the roof

Sunroof - who wouldn't want one! To feel the rush of air through your hair, to feel the dewy mist on your face, to soak in the exuberance of nature...what better than a sunroof to experience all those joys!
Another variant is the panoramic sunroof which is actually a transparent ceiling that allows you to view the sky above from within the comfort of your air conditioned vehicle.

Keep 'em rolling!

Nothing makes as strong a visual statement as the tastefully done alloy wheels of your car. This revamp is like getting rid of the standard chappals and buying yourself an expensive pair of shoes. Extensive rim design options are available in the market, and usually chrome finish rims grab the most attention.

Refresh the exhaust

A stock car essentially may not sound powerful or exude any presence. However, an aftermarket exhaust not only increases the exhaust note to a more meatier sound but it also makes a statement that this car is tuned to deliver the highest possible performance.

Other Customization options

Sky is the limit when it comes to doing up your car. Apart from the above options, you can also change the way your car door swings opens — go for a suicide style door or a gull wing opening style door. You can also consider tuning up the engine to crank out more power. For those living in colder regions, the seating can be equipped with heaters to keep you warm during cold winters.

You don't have to get them all done at one go; simply pick the ones you think are most relevant for your car — the ones that can create a marked distinction. So go ahead, treat your beloved car to fancy stuffs, and flaunt your love!

You may want to take a look at some of the offline offers and online offers put together exclusively for car lovers.

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