Congratulations! You are about to get hitched.

You might have already finalized your wedding date, visualized your D-day celebrations, and dreamt about the honeymoon that would ensue! But have you taken stock of all the things that need to be done and dusted before the mega event? The list is humongous! So where do you start, what are the major heads to consider ? Just so that you don't miss something out, here's a checklist to help you kick-start the preparations.

Prepare the Guest List
The first thing you need to get cracking on is your guest list. Because a lot many things will depend on it. Refrain from creating an exhaustive list first and then narrowing down people, because cancelling people off the list is a painful and tough task. The better way is to set a ballpark estimate for the number of guests, and then begin listing names starting from the innermost circle. Remember, for guests coming in from outstation, you may also need to arrange for the stay, preferably near your house or near the venue.

Decide on the Venue
Once you know how many people are on the guest list, quickly move on to pick the venue. If you have chosen to get married during the wedding season, remember, the venue needs to be booked at the earliest possible, or they tend to disappear like hot cakes. Once venue is chosen, get going with your invitations and return gifts (if you are planning to have them). While some venues organize food and decor, you could opt to arrange for it separately, whichever way it turns out more economical.

Plan the Menu
A scrumptious wedding buffet is one of the key highlights of any Indian wedding. If your venue doesn't have their own catering team, they might have a list of vendors they exclusively work with, or they might allow outside caterers to serve. The first thing you need to consider is the preferences of both sides of the family. Also, if you are serving pure vegetarian, it may be good idea to choose a caterer who specializes in vegetarian dishes. This helps ensure quality, taste and presentation. For health conscious guests, you may want to serve low-calorie starters and salads along with some western style dressing options. For dessert, try going beyond the plain ice cream-and-gulab jamun combo, and experiment with novel Indo-western fusions.

Splurge on Outfits & AccessoriesIf it's your wedding, you have to look your best —meaning you have every reason to treat yourself to spas, garments, accessories and more! While you can keep looking for ways to cut cost, make sure you don't cut back on your aspirations and mush-cherished dreams.
As is true for every Indian wedding, in addition to shopping for yourself and your family, you also need to splurge on your extended family. So wedding makes for a great time to make use of all the attractive offers on your debit and credit card, and to redeem the points you have accumulated so far. Be it fashion, jewelery, accessories, or dining, before you start shopping, check out the fabulous offers on our Credit Cards. So splurge your heart out and tick off everything on your wish list!

Contemplate Honeymoon options
Is it mandatory to go on a honeymoon right after you get married...simply because it's a tradition? Not really. You and your partner can choose to spend some time at home, getting to know each other better, getting used to the idea of living with a partner, and understanding each other's preferences when it comes to holidaying. And since you might have already spent a fortune on your wedding, waiting for another six months or a year till you plan a honeymoon can help take some weight off your shoulders. Till then, you can choose to invest in a holiday RD or term deposit, which can then contribute to your honeymoon kitty. 

Make your marriage official!
You need to get your marriage registered within 15 days of getting married. You can get your appointment for the registration by providing the invitation card as evidence. In case the girl wishes to go for a name change post marriage, the process cannot be initiated prior to registration, but you can keep the documents ready.
Now that you have a checklist to kick-start your preparations, get started with the planning. Take assistance from friends and family, and make it a group project headed by you or any competent and dependable person. Take it easy and enjoy the whole process — be it the preparations, ceremonies, or the feast. Remember, it's your event; people who love you will reckon it to be a perfect wedding if you are happy and smiling!

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