IXIGO Flight Offers: Big Savings on Vacations with Flat Trip Discounts
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26 SEPTEMBER, 2023

Today, digital banking dominates almost all spheres of life, and credit cards are perhaps the most lucrative financial tools to spend and earn. What’s more, there are special categories of credit cards that you can choose according to your lifestyle and recurring requirements. For instance, if you are a frequent traveller, each spend with a travel card can either help you save money or avail various benefits like discounted flight tickets and hotel bookings, airport lounge access, etc.

Travel credit card providers frequently collaborate with online travel portals to offer flat discounts and other benefits to enhance your savings and rewards. Ixigo recently offered flat discounts of Rs. 1,000 if consumers used a Kotak debit or credit card to make a booking at Ixigo. Such ixigo offers provide numerous benefits on trips and vacations. Let’s discuss how to maximise family vacation savings with such offers and how to take advantage of them.

IXIGO: A Hub of Flight Offers

Ixigo is an Indian travel portal aggregating and comparing real-time travel information since 2007. Whether you want to book a flight, train, bus, or hotel for your next trip, Ixigo makes the entire experience as swift as a breeze. With more than 12 million downloads and 350 million page views each month, Ixigo is the much-preferred travel hub that attracts and retains customers with a variety of trip offers active at any time.

The Ixigo flight offers are not limited to discounted flight tickets, gifts, free cancellation, and cashbacks on domestic and international flight bookings. The company also sends free coupons to redeem during the purchase. For instance, the platform offered instant discounts of Rs. 1,000 to Kotak debit or credit card users making a domestic flight booking worth over Rs. 4,000. Such discount schemes keep coming every few days to attract customers and increase their savings.

The Power of Credit Cards in Travel

Here is how the power of credit cards helps you get the best deals on Ixigo:

Travel-Focused Reward Categories: Using a Kotak debit or credit card, you can earn instant flat discounts on the booking of flights, trains, buses, hotels, tour packages, visa applications, etc. These extremely appealing discount categories can maximise your savings if you are a frequent traveller. Depending on the ongoing Ixigo coupons, you can save considerably on travel-related expenses.

Travel Cashbacks: If you travel often, you will appreciate the cashbacks you can earn using a Kotak debit or credit card on Ixigo. Many Ixigo offers provide cashbacks that make your travel booking experience more pleasant. Sometimes, you also get elite status with your Ixigo booking with a Kotak card, making you eligible for perks like room upgrades, free breakfast, choice of seat, lounge access, early boarding, late checkout, etc.

Maximum Value: With a Kotak Mahindra travel card, you can save on travel with various trip offers and earn reward points that you can use later to purchase flight tickets. You also earn points for every purchase worth Rs. 150 or more, which can be redeemed for rewards.

Apart from lounge access, you also get good deals on dining on your trip. So, earn and use your reward points to take your savings far beyond cashbacks. Plus, if you use your Kotak card at Ixigo, you may enter an Ixigo flight coupon to get flat discounts on flight ticket bookings. The company waives your annual card fee if you spend more than Rs. 1 Lakh annually.

No Risk of Fraud: Apart from the monetary benefits, a Kotak travel card also offers safety benefits. While carrying cash on your trips involves high risks of theft or loss, travel cards are safe and protected against fraud. So, you can travel “tension-free”.

Types of Credit Card-Linked Flight Offers

Are you a globetrotter looking to travel around the world? Or are you a busy professional frequently travelling for work? Whatever the reason is, using a travel credit card greatly enhances your savings and overall experience. These cards come with incredible credit card-linked trip offers beyond reward points. Let's discuss a few types of credit card-linked flight offers that these cards provide:

Reward Points: Reward points on every purchase are the most attractive benefits of using a travel credit card. You can earn points with every purchase and redeem them for flight bookings, hotel stays, and other expenses on your trip. Some cards also offer bonus points for specific categories like shopping, dining, etc. Letting these points add up can make your vacation more affordable and enjoyable.

Cashbacks: Travel credit cards also offer lucrative cashbacks, with each purchase worth a few rupees. Usually, you must meet a minimum expenditure requirement within a time frame. Once you meet the requirement, you earn cashbacks that you can use for other travel-related purchases.

Flat Discounts: Using a Kotak debit or credit card at Ixigo offers flat discounts without any terms and conditions. Simply use your Kotak card to book at Ixigo and get a flat discount offer.

Priority Boarding and Airport Lounge Access: A travel credit card offers perks like airport lounge access, priority boarding, choice of seat, complimentary snacks and beverages, etc.

How to Use Your Credit Card on IXIGO

To avail of the best Ixigo offers, use your Kotak travel card while making your booking and earn attractive rewards. These are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the Ixigo website or download their app.
  • Browse through the type of booking you want to make.
  • Choose the booking required by selecting your destination, date and time.
  • Finalise the booking and proceed to the payment section.
  • Apply accurate codes for Ixigo coupons to avail of the benefit.
  • Checkout to make the payment and finalise the booking.

How to Redeem Rewards Earned

We all experience the tedious process of searching for the cheapest trip booking. The tiresome process of comparing rates on various platforms is hectic and time-consuming. Ixigo saves time and frustration through the various vacation offers it announces in collaboration with its partner credit card companies. Use a Kotak travel card to avail of attractive Ixigo offers and make your family vacation memorable forever.


1. How can I use my credit card for my IXIGO account?

While booking at Ixigo, use your credit card details and enter the Ixigo flight coupon code to redeem the benefit.

2. Are my credit card details secure on the platform?

Yes, your credit card details are completely secure on the platform through encryption, two-factor authentication, and other security methods.

3. What types of credit card-linked flight offers are available?

Various types of credit card-linked flight offers include cashbacks, flat discounts, reward points, and perks like lounge access, priority boarding, choice of seat, etc.

4. How do I redeem cashbacks earned through credit card-linked offers?

The redeemed cashbacks will be added to your account, which you can use to make any purchase or avail of any benefit attached to it.

5. Can I use multiple credit card offers for a single booking?

Usually, only one credit card offer is applicable for a single booking.

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