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25 OCTOBER, 2022

With the evolving world, there might be times when you have to change your basic contact details like address, mobile number, or email id. It is advised to update your details on all the financial accessories like banks, credit cards, utility bills, etc. as soon as possible to continue receiving necessary communications and avoid any delays and frauds. Let’s learn why and how to change credit card mobile number and other details with ease.

Why Is It Necessary to Keep Updated Your Address and Contact Details?

Much importance is paid to updating your KYC (Know Your Customer) these days, especially in the banking sector. It is necessary to protect customers from money fraud. Common KYC details include address, mobile number, and email id. The Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector uses these modes to communicate swiftly with their clients through WhatsApp/SMS, email, or physical documents. Even the ‘One Time Password’ (OTP) for secured transactions is communicated through email id or mobile number.

You must keep your address and contact details updated with your credit card issuer for the following reasons:

  • An updated credit card mobile number or email ID ensures that the card issuer can conveniently contact you anytime
  • You get all the information without any lag, especially, OTP needed for transactions
  • Easy and long-lasting access to credit card statements, bank notices, new product information, bill dues, and credit card payment information on email ID and mobile number
  • Updating your credit card address ensures protection from sensitive information theft from someone residing at your old address
  • In case of an issue of a new credit card upon expiry or lost or stolen, it needs to be received by you in person at your current address
  • Timely action on credit card fraud can be taken through the registered mobile number and email ID

If you are wondering how to change credit card address and other details, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to change credit card mobile number, address, and email id conveniently.

Ways to Change the Credit Card Mobile Number, Email ID, or Address

Changing address on credit card or any other detail can be done either online or offline.

  1. Internet Banking
  2. Mobile App
  3. Customer Care Service
  4. Visit the Branch

Let’s visit these methods for how to change your email id, address, and mobile number in detail.

Internet Banking

  • Steps to Change Email ID

So, how to change your email id? Follow these easy steps:

  • Visit the official website of your bank and log in to your internet banking
  • Go to My Profile> Contact Details>Email ID>Edit
  • Update your new email ID and click on ‘Send Confirmation’
  • Open your new email ID and confirm your request by clicking on the confirmation link
  • Your credit card email ID will be changed instantly
  • Steps to Change Address

If you need help about how to change credit card address, follow these steps:

  • At the bank's official website, log in to your internet banking
  • Go to the Profile>Contact Details>Correspondence Address>Edit
  • To update the address, you can either choose Aadhar and OTP, OR upload address proof OR log in to the DigiLocker

Mobile Application

  • Steps to Change Email ID
  • Access the bank's mobile app with your ID and password
  • Go to Service Request>My Profile>EMAIL ID
  • Enter the new email ID and click ‘send confirmation’
  • Click on the confirmation link to process your request instantly
  • Steps to Change Address:
  • Access the bank's app with the help of your login ID and password
  • Go to Menu>Support and Services>Insta Services>Update contact>Update Communication/Permanent Address
  • Enter the new address
  • To verify the credit card address change, you can either choose Aadhar and OTP OR upload acceptable documents as address proof OR log in to your online document storage facility

Credit Card Documents Required to Change Address 

Changing address on credit card is an easy process. You need to submit your request along with the following documents to your card issuer.

List of Accepted Proof of Address Required to Change Address on Credit Card

  • Passport
  • Aadhar Card
  • Property Tax Receipts
  • Utility Bill in the Credit Card Holder’s name: Electricity, Gas, Mobile Postpaid, Broadband, etc.
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Voter’s ID
  • PAN Card
  • Form 60
  • NREGA-issued Job Card

Customer Care Support

If you use online banking services sparingly, you can call the credit card’s customer care number available on their website to request credit card address change or any other requests. You will need to verify your details like card number, date of birth, PAN number, etc. to make these changes.

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Visit the Branch

You can also visit the card issuer’s branch for changing the address on credit card, email ID, or registered phone number. You will have to fill out a Customer Request Form (CRF) with new details. For address change, you will have to submit a self-attested copy of the proof of the new address. The bank will notify you once your request is processed through the updated details.

Credit card address change or changes in the mobile number, or email id are inevitable. Equally important is to intimate your credit card issuer of the changes to ensure seamless correspondence between you and the issuer and the safety of your credit card information. Your details can be easily updated either online or offline at your convenience. Make sure to keep your contact details updated with your credit card issuer to avoid any financial losses.


Q1. Can I change my credit card registered mobile number?

A. Yes, you can easily change your credit card registered mobile number. Most card issuers provide detailed guides on how to change credit card registered mobile number at the time of card disbursal. These methods include online methods like internet banking and mobile app and offline methods like calling customer care and visiting the branch.

Q2. How to change credit card mobile number offline?

A. You can easily change your credit card mobile number offline by either calling the card issuer’s customer care number or by visiting their branch office. When calling, you should keep verification details like a Pan number, date of birth, etc. handy. While visiting the branch, you will need to fill out a customer request form to make the changes.

Q3. How can I update my new address if changed?

A. In case you have to change your address with your credit card issuer, you can do so easily either online or offline. You can log in to your internet banking or mobile app to update the new address along with the documentary proof. Alternatively, you can call customer care or visit the branch to submit your request.

Q4. How do I change email id through Mobile Application?

A. To change your email id through the bank’s mobile application you need to log in with your id and password and go to Service Request. In my profile section, you need to update your email id and click ‘send confirmation’. You will receive a confirmation link on your new email id to process your request hassle-free.

Q5. How will I know if the address on my credit card has been changed?

A. In case you have applied for address change through internet banking or a mobile application, it will happen instantly. You can check the change there and then. In case of offline address change requests, you will receive a confirmation message from the card issuer through SMS, email, or post once the change is registered.

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