Want to keep up with the latest trends? We round up four of the hottest fashion trends around and share ideas on how you can wear these to suit your style.

Cut-Out Styles: Be it shoulder cut-outs, choker necks, side or back cut-outs, this style of detailing caught the fancy of the fashion industry in 2017 and continues to rule the roost this year too. And it’s not just limited to western wear designs; cut-outs styles can be paired beautifully with Indian wear too. Think shoulder cut-outs for that sleek saree blouse, or a choker neck for a salwar suit. This kind of style works better with solid colour outfits rather than prints, as it tends to draw attention to itself. So rock it with a saree or a denim dress even, it’s your choice!

Capes And Jackets: One would think this stylish trend of capes and jackets are only for the runway or for celebs at high-profile red-carpet events, but think again. Today, everyone can drape a cape or jacket, you just have to know how. Pair a single colour dress with a long paisley printed jacket or even your saree with a short, sheer cape. Sheers look ethereal and beautiful with Indian wear and are great because they don’t hide that lovely embroidery on the outfit. Capes and jackets are also handy when you don’t want to show off too much skin.


Floor-Length Sleeves: Move over bell sleeves and butterfly sleeves, we’ve got floor-length ones! The beauty about this style is how simple it is, yet how much drama it can add to any outfit, transforming it completely. Lehengas, sarees or gowns, this style looks great with any of these outfits. Think lace, embroidered sleeves, chiffons or other sheer fabrics when it comes to these kinds of sleeves. A good idea is to keep the neck bare and jewellery minimalistic, except of course, shoulder-duster earrings, when flaunting floor-length sleeves so that all eyes are on the sleeves.

Bold Checks And Prints: A big trend for men and women too, are bold checks and prints. Bold checks have made a real comeback and have been spotted on many a runway, both in India and internationally. But remember, it’s easy to overdo it with checks, or even pair it wrongly. So if you’re opting for a checkered half sleeve jacket, do ensure your shirt is a solid coloured one, preferably in a similar colour tone, and not a printed one clashing with the checks! When it comes to prints, florals are top of the list even for men. Today, men don’t shy aaway from playing with colours and prints and...this is why the trend works so well. Nautical, geometric and nature-inspired motifs are also very popular now.