Ready to shake up that old routine? Read on to get fit in these 5 trendy ways.

It’s the middle of the year already and you couldn’t stick to your New Year’s resolution of getting back in shape? Fret not, you haven’t missed the bus just as yet! You can still up your fitness game by catching up on these top fitness and diet trends that every fitness pro is vouching for.

Fitness Trend: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT):HIIT has been a top favorite for quite some time now. Involving short bursts of high-intensity exercises followed by small periods of rest and recovery, these workouts are tough, effective, and extremely time-efficient. Another big highlight of this form of training is that you land up burning calories even after the workout because the body needs more energy to repair itself post a heart-pounding HIIT session. What’s more? You can complete these workouts from home; do them solo, or in a group, and they surely promise to burn a lot of calories without investing a ton of time. Thanks to HIIT, paucity of time can now no longer be an excuse to skip exercise.

Fitness Trend: Aqua Zumba: Looking for a low-impact but high-on-energy kind of a workout? Dive straight into a swimming pool near you and indulge in Aqua Zumba, a new type of pool party! Giving an innovative twist to your usually boring swimming sessions, Aqua Zumba beautifully blends the same Zumba rhythms and dance steps with water. What makes this tougher? The water, where one performs these moves, acts like natural resistance, which slows you down and makes it difficult to complete every step. The end result: perfectly toned muscles and a right step towards a ‘Fitter You’!

Fitness Trend: Aerial Yoga: Kick the boredom out and give your traditional Yoga session a contemporary makeover by trying Aerial Yoga. A fitness trend that is slowing gaining traction, Aerial Yoga is one of most fun-filled ways to stay fit, strengthen your muscles, and get relief from stress. And how is it different from a conventional Yoga class? Well, throughout the class, you sit on a soft, fabricated hammock which is suspended a couple of feet above the ground and you are expected to perform the various Yogic asanas and aerial moves using the hammock as a support. Not only do the poses and stretches benefit you, but the joy of getting out of your comfort zone and doing something new and exciting will definitely make you feel great about yourself!

Diet Trend: Activated Charcoal: The black food trend has surely taken the culinary circuit by storm. From burger buns to pizza dough and from cocktails to ice creams, activated charcoal is today occupying a pivotal place on menus the world over. Apart from being a popular food trend, activated charcoal also acts as an effective remedy to treat an upset stomach, aid in toxins removal, and ease stomach pain. However, a word of caution, if you are on any prescribed medication, check with your doctor before you consume any food items infused with activated charcoal since it has a tendency to interfere with the medication.

Diet Trend: Ketogenic:A ketogenic or keto diet is a low carb, high fat diet that is fast outshining many other dieting plans. A clever diet technique, here the idea is to deprive the body of carbohydrates, our primary source of energy. By doing so, the body starts to dig into the fat reserves and burns them to derive energy. Now if you’re wondering whether this diet will restrict you to just home-cooked food, worry not! Of late, there are numerous restaurants and food delivery services that offer dishes made in accordance with the keto diet. Imagine losing weight by indulging in mouth-watering (but healthy, of course) fat-rich food. Now, that’s what we call ‘guilt-free’ dieting!