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21 JUNE, 2022

Summers bring with them mangoes, holidays and lots of humidity. The season also brings with it a shortage of water and power cuts. The result? You feel hotter when the sun is already scorching in the sky. In such a weather, all you would want is to sit win the cool comfort of your house while you enjoy your favourite drink and movie. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. Wanting a cool home requires blasting the air conditioner or coolers round the clock, which can ultimately increase your electricity bill and also harm the environment. But does that mean that you spend the entire summer fighting the heat? Certainly not. You can renovate your home to make it summer-ready with Kotak’s home renovation loan. Here is how.


  • Pay attention to the position of your windows

Your windows control the heat of your home. It would be best to consider changing or adjusting your windows to reduce the infusion of heat in your home. You can upgrade the windows to dual-pane windows as it will help eliminate street noise and hot wind blowing inside. It would be best to install shades outside the windows to block sun rays and maintain the temperature. You can also put bamboo curtains on the windows to keep the house cool. 


  • Space out your house

As you rework your wardrobe to welcome the summers, you need to do the same with your house. Replace your heavy drapes and curtains with light linen or cotton curtains that let in maximum breeze. Also, you must replace all your thick rugs, carpets and pillow covers with bright coloured fabrics that are summer friendly. Moreover, declutter your house to eliminate all extra furniture and furnishing you would not need. 


  • Maintain your appliances

Often electric appliances help you beat the heat. It could be a refrigerator or an air conditioner. Ensure to get it serviced before the onset of summer. You can also replace them with the latest model to make them more energy efficient. Moreover, as you may face frequent power cuts in summer, invest in a high-performance inverter.


  • Invest in landscaping

Though house plants are preferred in all seasons, they can immensely help in summer. Create a small garden in your backyard with plants like a fern, ficus tree, etc., that naturally keep your surroundings cooler. You can also create a terrace garden which will reduce the heat coming from your ceiling. Moreover, if you live in an apartment, you can add flowering and air purifying plants on the balcony, windows, and inside the house. There are various species of plants that can stay healthy indoors.


Renovating your house can be heavy on your pockets. Why drain your savings when you can avail a personal loan and repay through flexible tenures? Kotak’s home renovation loan is a personal loan that you can avail without furnishing any collateral. All you have to do is fill out the application form and submit the required documents.


Excessive heat can make you sick, hampering your lifestyle. Therefore, do not let summers slow you down. Instead, opt for a home renovation loan and prepare your home for the summers.

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