16 DECEMBER, 2021

After your wedding dates are set, having pre-wedding jitters is natural. On one side, you are elated and nervous. However, on the other hand, you need to start preparing for the wedding immediately. The first thing that you might look at is the wedding venue. While all other bookings can be done later, you need to lock the venue as soon as possible to avoid getting it booked by someone else.

You might dream about getting married on the beachside, or amidst the mountains, or in the royal palaces of Udaipur. However, there are various factors that you must look at while choosing your perfect wedding venue.

If you are planning a wedding in your house, these tips can help you choose the perfect wedding venue:

  • Consider the season and weather

Before you pick any venue, ensure to judge the season and weather of your wedding date. If it's a summer wedding, choosing a cooler location would be better. For example, hill stations or summer resorts would be a better choice. Similarly, for a winter wedding, you can opt for a beach resort to get pleasant weather. Also, ensure that you consider the weather while planning an outdoor wedding. If the venue is at a windy location, you might have to shift the functions indoors.

  • Look for connectivity

It could be thrilling to choose a venue that is unheard of or amidst the natural surroundings. But do not forget to ensure that it is well connected. The location should have easy connectivity to flights and trains. Remember, you not only have to arrange the transit of your family members but also the guests. Too remote a location would unnecessarily increase your budget.

  • Assess your budget

Once you fix a budget for the venue, it should be easier to shortlist them. If you want a destination wedding but do not have enough finances, you can avail a personal loan to cover all the expenses. With a personal loan, you can easily book a venue that would make your wedding memorable for the entire guest list. However, ensure to use a personal loan EMI calculator to check your affordability. Moreover, with a wedding loan, you need not worry about repaying the entire amount all at once. You can pay them comfortably through small EMIs.

  • Do not forget to audit the services

While you are exploring the venues, ensure that you carefully review the services and food quality. Often hotels and resorts help arrange the entire wedding, including decor and catering. However, it should be as per your liking and culture. It is suggested that you visit the venue a few times before booking. Moreover, ensure it has enough rooms to accommodate all your guests.

Now when you know how to choose a wedding venue, spend some time in thorough research. Consider all the aspects before booking. Also, keep your budget in mind. If your chosen venue is beyond your budget, do not hesitate to avail a wedding loan. After all, you marry only once!


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