03 DECEMBER, 2021

With the onset of COVID-19, the wanderlust spirit of many people was confined within the boundaries of their homes. Social distancing became the new buzzword, and there was hardly any place on earth that could be called safe from the deadly virus.

Thankfully, life is gradually returning to normalcy, and the tourism sector is finally expecting some light at the end of this COVID tunnel. Many travelers like you would want to go on exotic vacations for a refreshing break. However, the pandemic has affected the earnings too, and funding your desired travel plan could be expensive. Thankfully, a personal loan for travel can help you deal with it. With a personal loan for travel, you can plan your dream vacation and let go of all the pandemic stress behind. Here’s how.

What Is a Personal Loan for Travel?

A personal loan for travel is an unsecured loan that you can avail from a bank or financial institution to fulfill your many dreams. It can be used to meet all the costs related to your travel plans and can be repaid in equal installments over a flexible tenure.

Features of Personal Loan for Travel

  • High-value loan

Whether your bucket list includes Sikkim or Switzerland, Punjab or Paris, you can plan your dream exotic vacation without worry. With Kotak Mahindra Bank, you can get a personal loan starting from Rs 50,000 up to Rs 25 lakh rupees. Be it business class plane tickets, designer outfits, 5-star hotel stays, or branded shopping, you can fulfill all your desires with the help of a high-value personal loan with us.

  • Easy approval and disbursement

Made an impromptu plan? Worried about loan approvals and disbursals? Not anymore. With us at Kotak, you need not wait for days to get approvals. As it is an unsecured loan, there are fewer formalities and due diligence to look at. The personal loan application is approved within a few hours. Moreover, when the loan is approved, you get the loan amount directly in your bank account.

  • No requirement of collateral

A personal loan is an unsecured loan, which means you need not furnish any collateral to get one. The lender solely relies on your repayment capacity and creditworthiness while processing your application. Therefore, while you are preparing the best itinerary to travel, you need not worry about arranging collateral to fund your travel plans.

  • Flexible tenure

You need not stress about repaying the loan amount while enjoying your dream vacation. With a flexible tenure option, you can choose a tenure that helps you repay the amount comfortably. You can check your affordability with the personal loan EMI calculator and get an EMI that conforms to your financial viability.

  • Attractive interest rates

Paying for your vacation through credit cards could be expensive due to its high interest rates. However, with us, you can get an affordable personal loan at 10.25%.

You can visit Kotak Mahindra Bank’s website for a personal loan and apply online. However, it would be best to check your personal loan eligibility before applying. All you have to do is fill the application form and furnish the required documents. Your loan would be credited in no time. Have a safe journey!

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