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What is Kotak Cyber Secure

We live in a digital world characterized by hyper-connectivity where information is created and shared across wide variety of devices. This makes it very important for us to safeguard ourselves against the unpleasant cyber risk that digitalization brings with it i.e. cyber threats.

This product is smartly designed to secure you against digital theft of funds, phishing, spoofing, malware attacks, etc. that can cause you financial and e-reputational losses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is not covered under this policy?

Below are the major exclusions which are not covered under this policy and thus are ineligible for a claim:


1.    Dishonest or Improper Conduct

2.    Bodily Injury

3.    Property Damage

4.    Any activities carried out for business or professional purposes

5.    Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets

6.    Prior Acts

7.    Any loss or damage caused by the order of any government authority.

8.    War

9.    Terrorism, including cyber terrorism.

10.  Government Authority

11.  Non-Fiat Currency

12.  Outage/ Disturbance Loss

13.  Illegal Use of Data

14.  Unauthorised Collection of Data

15.  Prior Notification

16.  Insolvency

17.  Immoral/Obscene Services

Kindly refer to Policy wording document for a detailed list of exclusions.

Can I buy this policy for someone else?

No, currently, the policy can be bought by individuals only for themselves. 

Can an NRI buy this policy?

No, this policy can be purchased only by permanent residents of India.

How many cybercrimes will be covered under this policy per year?

This policy has no limit to the number of claims covered per year up to the sum insured. Thus, you can always make a claim and trust us to help you during tough times. 

Can I customise this policy as per my need?

Currently, the option to customise the policy is unavailable. The Kotak Cyber Secure policy is designed keeping your needs in consideration and thus you can count on us to provide you with one of the best offerings in the industry.


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