Auto Recharge your Kotak FASTag

A FASTag is a prepaid wallet that needs to be recharged periodically to make e-toll payments, as per usage. Now, with the Auto Recharge feature, the Recharge will happen automatically and not require manual interventions.

How Auto Recharge works:

Your FASTag wallet will get Auto-Recharged from your Kotak Bank Account with pre-defined amount, every time when it hits below the set Minimum Threshold Amount (triggering amount). Thus, preventing your FASTag from running out of balance.

Below are the simple steps to set enable Auto Recharge:

  • Log in to Kotak Mobile Banking App and scroll to Cards section > click on FASTag > click on More placed at the bottom of the page > log in to FASTag Customer Portal with your registered mobile number
    Login directly to FASTag Customer Portal with your registered mobile number.
  • Go to Auto Recharge section (Left menu) and toggle Right to enable the feature
  • Click on Edit Auto Top-Up Amount and confirm with OTP sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter Auto Top-Up Amount that you want to set and select Kotak Bank A/c from which the Auto-Recharge amount would be Debited and Confirm.
    (Triggering Amount for Auto-Recharge would be shown by default).
    Auto-Recharge would be set successfully

In case you want to Disable Auto-Recharge feature, toggle Left the button and confirm with OTP

In case you want to Edit Auto-Recharge, click on Edit Auto-Recharge and confirm with OTP and Enter Amount or Select Account that you want to change

You are all set for swift digital payments and convenient transfers through Tolls and select Parking lots.

Click here to enable Auto Recharge for your Kotak FASTag.


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