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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I benefit from my “Kotak Best Price business card”?

Your “Kotak Best Price business card” presents you with “Business-credit advantage”. Kotak Mahindra Bank in partnership with Best Price offers you not only with business card convenience but also extends benefits that would enhance your business efficiencies. It will be a handy tool for cash-flow-management for your business.

  • You would enjoy convenience for purchase of high value purchases as there is no need to carry cash.
  • You would get a credit line with Interest free period up to 14 days for commercial purchases done for your entity.
  • You would be provided with a monthly statement for purchases made in a month which would include date wise summary of purchases for better tracking.
  • You can also view your account anytime through online banking
  • Your employees are empowered to make purchases on behalf of you without carrying cash.

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How many types of Kotak Best Price business cards are being offered?

At the moment we are 2 variants:

  • Kotak Best Price Business Card.
  • Kotak Best Price Business Card-Corporate, which is primarily meant for the Organizations and Institutions segment.

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What are the features of Kotak Best Price business cards?

On Kotak Best Price Business card & Kotak Best Price Business card - Corporate - Enjoy 14days credit cycle that starts afresh on every transaction on your Kotak Best Price Business credit card. Each transaction on this card needs to be backed by a PDC of the total purchase amount when the card is swiped in a Best Price store. Both these cards can only be used inside Best Price Stores.

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What are the other benefits on my “Kotak Best Price business card”?

Beyond the credit advantage, you benefit on “convenience” of managing your business and all of this comes to you absolutely free.

    You can view your transactions and manage your account through net-banking, making it all every easy for you. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.
    Your card comes to you at no cost, and it is absolutely free. No joining fee or annual fee will be charged to you for card membership.
    You can make your business more efficient by empowering two of your managers with Add-On Cards to authorize them to make purchases on your behalf.
    You can contact your “Finance Associate” at the financial services helpdesk located at your nearest Best Price store and get help whenever you need.
    You may at anytime call us and our contact numbers are available within the “Reach Us” section of the website.

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Who would be eligible to apply for Kotak Best Price cards?

Best Price store-members (wholesalers, self employed person and other businessmen who are eligible to shop at Best Price store as per store-policy) can apply for this business card. All applicants would be evaluated for their credit worthiness as per the Kotak Best Price card policy.

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