Savings Accounts for Professionals – Fees & Charges
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Professionals Saving Account


Revision in General Schedule of Features & Charges for Savings and Salary Accounts w.e.f 1st May 2024. Click here to know more.

Particulars Savings Account for Professionals
Average Monthly Balance (AMB) Nil
Non Maintenance Charge (NMC) - Monthly $ Charges for non maintenance of minimum monthly average balance Nil Charges
Nil Charges
Nil Charges
Nil Charges
Fund Transfers NEFT / RTGS / Fund Transfer (Through Netbanking / Mobile Banking) Nil Charges
NEFT / RTGS - Applicable only if done in Branch Nil Charges
IMPS Nil Charges
Cash Transactions Cash Transaction at Branch / Cash Deposit Machine Nil Charges upto 5 transactions or 3 lac / month whichever is earlier. Post these limits, charged at Rs 4.5 / 1000 (Minimum Rs 150)
(CDM) (Deposit or withdrawal)
Cash withdrawal via UPI at Merchant Locations (Max Rs. 1000/day) 1% of Withdrawal amount (Max Rs.10)
Debit Card / ATM Charges Debit Card Charges
Kotak Bank's ATM – Cash Withdrawal / Non Nil Charges
Financial Transactions
Other Domestic ATMs - Cash Withdrawal / Non Financial Transactions ## Nil Charges
Declined Domestic ATM Transactions due to insufficient balance Rs.25 per transaction
Transactions declined at merchant outlets/websites/ATMs, due to insufficient balance(w.e.f April 1,2019)
Cash Withdrawal / Non-Financial Transactions at International ATMs + Rs.150 per cash withdrawal transaction & Rs 25 per non-financial transaction
Cardless cash withdrawal (IMT) Nil charges up to 1 transaction per month and subsequent transactions will be charged Rs. 10/- per transaction
DD / Cheque Book DD Nil Charges upto 100K; Post these limits (Rs.4 / 1000 (Min 50, Max 10,000), for Senior citizen Rs. 3 / 1000)
FCY – DD / TT / Cheque Collection / Revalidation / Cancellation / FCY Cheque Deposited and Return Rs. 500
At-par Cheque Book Charges 100 Chq leaves Nil Charges / Year; Thereafter Rs.3 / cheque leaf.
ECS / Cheque Issued & Returned (due to non availability of funds) Rs.500 / instance
ECS Mandate Verification Nil Charges
SI Failure Rs.200 / instance
Cheque deposited and returned (INR) Rs.200 / instance
Cheque Issued & Returned for Non-Financial Reason Rs.50 / instance
Branch Requests Duplicate Ad-hoc statement, Balance & Interest Statement, Duplicate Passbook, TDS Certificate Through Branch or any other Record Retrieval, Stop Payment - Single / Range of cheque thru branch; DD Revalidation; PO / BC Revalidation/ Cancellation (INR); Annual Combined Statement-Physical; Monthly Physical Statement; Regeneration of PIN of Net Banking / Phone Banking (sent through courier) Nil Charges
DD Cancellation (INR)
Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate
Home Banking Cash / Instrument Pick Up / Delivery Nil Charges for 2 Calls / month, thereafter Rs.150 per visit.Under Home Banking cash pick up services, lower denomination (value equal to or less than Rs. 50 ) notes and coins will not be accepted.
KYC Pickup – Only for senior citizen and differently abled### NA
Family Banking NA
Statements & Alerts Statements Email Statement (Monthly): Nil Charges; Physical Statement (Quarterly): Nil Charges
Value added alerts (Daily / Weekly) 50p. per SMS (Daily/ Weekly)
Other Charges TOD TOD: Rs.500
Account Closure charges: (if closed after 1 month & before 6 months of A/C opening) Account Closure charges: 500
Complimentary Services Passbook (in lieu of Account Statement) Current Year Balance and interest statement Signature Verification Certificate Photo Attestation Address Confirmation Nil Charges
Debit Card Annual Charges Classic Debit Card Nil Charges
Silk Classic / Platinum Rs. 199
Gold Debit Card Nil Charges for 1st year, thereafter Rs. 250 p.a
Platinum / My World Debit Card Nil Charges for 1st year, thereafter Rs. 250 p.a
World / World Exclusive Debit Card 750.0
Kotak PVR Debit Card 499.0
Other Debit Card Related Charges Replacement of Lost / Stolen Debit Card Rs. 200
Issuance Charges Image Debit Card - Rs. 199, MyTeam Image Debit Card - Rs. 199
Regeneration of PIN (sent through courier) Nil Charges
GST on Foreign Currency Conversion Charges (FCY) ~
Value of purchase or sale of Foreign Currency Value on which GST rate will be applicable
Up to Rs 1,00,000 1% of the gross amount of currency exchanges or minimum of Rs.250/-
Above Rs.1,00,000/- to Rs.10,00,000/- 1000 + 0.50% of the gross amount of currency exchanged less 1,00,000.
Above Rs.10,00,000/- Rs.5500/- + 0.10% of the gross amount of currency exchanges less 10,00,000 subject to maximum of Rs.60,000/-
Forex Card Particular Standard charges
Issuance Fee 250 (exclusive of GST)
Reload Fee 75 (exclusive of GST)
Foreign Exchange Services (FES)
Outward Remittances - Individual Standard Charges
Telegraphic Transfer Charges (other than payment for imports) INR 1250 + Tax
Correspondent Bank Charges (Outward remittance wherein the foreign bank charges are paid by remitter) INR 1000 + Tax
Issue of FCY DD's INR 750 + Tax
Commission in lieu of exchange (in case of debit from EEFC/RFC/SFC account) 0.125 %; minimum INR  1,000 +Tax
"As per RBI guidelines, Business / Commercial transactions are not permitted in the Savings Accounts.
##Cash withdrawal limit from other Domestic ATM is Rs. 10,000 per transaction.
Mandatory Alerts will not be charged. Alerts that have been mandated by RBI as well as alerts which are deemed appropriate by the Bank, will be sent free of charge, even if Daily / weekly Balance SMS alerts facility has not been subscribed.
**Indo - Nepal Remittance Scheme (NEFT Charges):
If Beneficiary maintains an Account with Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. (NSBL): Rs. 25 per txn (incl all taxes).
If Beneficiary does not maintain an Account with Nepal SBI Bank Ltd (NSBL): Upto Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 75 per txn & beyond Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 100 per txn (incl all taxes).
Nova Savings and Classic Savings are available in Rural and Semi-Urban Branches. Service Charges & AMB requirement for 'Savings Account for Minors without Guardian' will be same as 'Nova Savings Account'.
Service Charges for Synergy Savings Account' would be same as ‘Nova Savings Account’. However , there is no minimum AMB requirement in Synergy Savings Accounts.
Service Charges for Savings Account For Professionals' would be same as ‘Pro Savings Account’. However , there is no minimum AMB requirement in Savings Accounts For Professionals’
Service Charges for Savings Account For Special Projects' would be same as ‘Edge Savings Account’. However , there is no minimum AMB requirement in Savings Accounts For Special Projects’
Service Charges for 'Kotak Composite Savings Account' will be same as 'Ace Savings Account'. Duplicate Ad-hoc statement will be charged at RS.100/- per request on 'Kotak Composite Saving Account'
The Bank will charge cross-currency mark-up of 3.5% on foreign currency transactions carried out on Debit Cards. The exchange rate used will be the VISA / Master Card wholesale exchange rate prevailing at the time of transaction.
A charge of 1% on the transaction amount + GST will be applicable on cash withdrawal transactions done at merchant outlets (Cash@PoS) [w.e.f April 1,2019]
Non-financial transactions are Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement & PIN Change.
Debit Card Annual Charges for Junior, Youth and Maestro Debit Cards will be same as Classic Debit card. Debit Card Annual Charge for Titanium Debit Card issued to Edge / Nova will be Rs. 200 and free for others accounts.
+Additional charges levied by another bank on international ATM transactions will also have to be borne by the card holder.
Charges are exclusive of the Goods and Service Tax (GST).
With effect from July 1,2017 the effective Goods and Service tax rate will be 18% on taxable value. The GST rate is subject to change from time to time.
The above charges are subject to revision with a prior intimation of 30 days to all account holders. Closure of account due to revision of charges will not be subject to account closure charges.
Please note that the Cash Pickup/ Delivery charges pertain to the “ Cash Pick-up/ Delivery” service offered to the customer. Additional charges for cash transactions shall be levied basis the Cash Transaction limits offered under the respective variant. The Cash pick-up amount shall be a part of the overall Cash transaction limits offered under the variant.
<> Penalty charges.
$ Please note, if your account is currently in dormant status, non-maintenance charges will not be applicable to the same. In order to activate your account, please visit your nearest Kotak Bank branch
With effect from April 1, 2015: In the event of a default in maintenance of Average Monthly Balance as agreed to between the Bank and customer for the month (referred as ‘Default Month’), the Bank will notify the customer clearly of the default and that the Average Monthly Balance for the account has to be met in the subsequent month (referred to as ‘Notice Month’). If the AMB is still not maintained in the ‘Notice Month’, the NMC (Non Maintenance Charges) for both the ‘Default Month’ and ‘Notice Month’ will be recovered in the subsequent month. The Bank may choose to notify by SMS / email / letter. It will be the responsibility of the customer to have a valid email id, mobile number and address updated with the Bank at all times, failing which, customer may not receive the notification/s. The NMC charges will be based on the shortfall observed in the AMB and as specified in the slabs in GSFC. In case of accounts sourced under promotional offering and enjoying conditional NMC waiver, the terms and conditions of such promotional offering shall prevail."
State government taxes/ Cess as applicable shall be charged
W.e.f 1st July,2020; threshold as well as Rate of TDS applicable for CASH withdrawal will dependent on submission of proof of Income Tax Return filed. Revised TDS rates will be as under :
Aggregate Cash Withdrawals in all accounts in a Financial Year Income tax Return copy Submitted to Bank Income tax Return copy NOT Submitted to Bank
Upto Rs.20 Lakhs Nil Nil
Rs.20 lakhs to Rs. 1 crore Nil 2%@
In Excess of Rs. 1 crore 2%@ 5%@
.@If PAN is not updated in the account then the TDS deduction at the rate 20% as per section 206AA of the Income Tax Act will apply. For foreign companies, foreign partnership firms, Non-residents additional surcharge and health & education cess will be applicable as per Income Tax law.