Foreclosure Statement-BL

  • Thank you for being a valued Kotak Business Loan customer. We value your relationship with us & look forward to continuing to serve you on your Business Loan and other banking requirements
  • There is a Lock-in period of 12 months which needs to be served by you, before you request for the foreclosure.
  • You may submit the written request/query online (Click here to submit your query/request) (OR) visit our nearest Kotak Retail Assets branch, after completion of 12 months lock-in period.
  • Turn Around Time (TAT) for issuance of a Foreclosure statement is 10 working Days
  • Please note that No Waiver can be offered on the Applicable Foreclosure Charges (if any), Lock-in period & Turn Around Time (TAT) for issuance of Foreclosure Statement. This is in line with the Loan Agreement signed by the customer, prior to  Loan Disbursement
  • Kindly ensure that for a request online, only emails received from the registered email ID of the borrower as per bank records, will be processed.
Was this information helpful?
Was this information helpful?