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Boomer Website Development App, a pioneer of the mobile-first website development concept, comes with the following features:

1.   Ease of Use and Convenience: Boomer is the world’s easiest website building app which can create a website within minutes. You don’t need any technical skills to build a website using our App. Furthermore, you can manage your website anywhere and at anytime from your mobile phone.

2.   Payment Services: Boomer comes with an in-built choice of payment gateways, including Kotak’s own payment gateway. It also includes services such as Payment Wallets, Cash on Delivery, PoS, etc.

3.   Digital Marketing: With the App’s  social media integration, you can publish simultaneously to all the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc. with just one click.

4.   Mobile-first Templates: Boomer offers numerous tailor-made templates which can be customised and modified as per your requirements. You can explore the themes, and play around with them at your will. With our mobile-first templates, the website looks great on mobile phones.

5.   Live Chat, Live Review: With Boomer’s powerful Live Chat and Live Review system, you can stay connected with your  customers at all times. You can reply to their queries instantly, and help them with bookings, accepting orders, etc.

6.   Instant Invoicing: Now, with Boomer’s  Invoicing feature, you can create invoices instantly and send them to your customers easily via e-mail, WhatsApp, text message, etc.

7.   Powerful Integrations: Boomer has partnered with several global players in payments, logistics, analytics, etc. and these are integrated in the App.

8.   SEO Optimisation: With the App’s SEO Optimisation feature, increase traffic to your website and enhance your website’s visibility on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) by setting your own search tags & keywords.

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