Inspection and Certification Services

Global benchmark for quality and integrity

SGS’ international and multidisciplined teams of experts provide specialised solutions to make your business faster, simpler, and more efficient by reducing risk, streamlining your processes and operate in a more sustainable manner. Gain the edge with certification from SGS – a Kotak-empanelled company – and get up to 5-10% volume based discount on your Inspection , Verification , Testing , Certification , Auditing , Training & Accreditation needs.

Our services are delivered across all Industries

SGS offers independent Inspection, Testing, Verification and Certification Services to clients across all industries and entire supply chains. We use our global coverage, local knowledge, vast experience, and expertise in virtually every industry to deliver excellent business benefits.

Governments and institutions, NGOs

Assessment, due diligence, classification and valuation, independent monitoring and validation of declared information, Vendor Audits , Authentication and Verification border control, SGS NGO benchmarking, SGS CSR & Aid efficiency, smart city solutions, e-waste management, e-governance solutions , Electronic Cargo tracking Services , Trade Validation and infrastructure and road safety services

Agriculture and foods

Inspection, analytical and testing, audit and certification, training, advisory, forestry, alternate fuel services


Inspection, analytical and testing, audit and certification, training

Minerals, power and renewable energy, fertilizers

Inspection and sampling, analytical, exploration, metallurgy and process design, production and plant services, site operations and closure

Consumer goods and retail

Textiles, Apparel, Leather and Footwear, FMCG, Electricals and Electronics, Jewellery, Cosmetics, Personal Care and Household Detergents, Toys and Juvenile Products, Packaging, Medical Devices Laboratory testing and analytical services

Pharmaceuticals and life Sciences

Analytical chemistry, microbiology testing, method development and validation projects, stability study testing, extractable and leachable testing, biopharmaceutical testing

Oil, gas and chemicals          

Asset integrity management, exploration and production, refining and chemical production, bulk cargo logistics, reliability and maintenance, plant and infrastructure, distribution and retail

Power, construction, infrastructure

Inspection and certification for the entire supply chain of industrial products, design verification, quality and HSE audits, vendor evaluation. Project management for oil & gas, power, renewable energy, infrastructure & residential projects. ASME & PED Certification, NDT & Advance NDT, corrosion monitoring

Environmental services for all industries

Specialized ambient and indoor air sampling and testing, Soil testing -  environmental drilling, soil and sediment sampling, and geotechnical services, Water sampling and analysis of surface water, groundwater, process water, waste water.  Waste assessment, monitoring,  reduction and manage your waste products, Safety and Energy Audits, Climate change-testing for micro-pollutants to ensuring compliance with new greenhouse gas emissions regulations.


Get up to 5-10% volume based discount
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