Frequently Asked Questions


What is Kotak MyImage Credit Card?

Kotak MyImage Credit Card is a personalized image card that allows you to choose a design of your choice from the offered digital library, specially curated by the Bank for its cardholders. This personalization will not change the benefits or the base card variant, which you are currently holding. For e.g. If you hold a Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card and choose to personalize it with a Taj Mahal image (Image Code A009), you will continue to enjoy all the existing features of your Royale Signature Credit Card.

I have an existing Kotak Credit Card. Can I apply for MyImage Credit Card?

Yes, Kotak provides its Credit Cardholders with an option to personalize their existing Kotak Credit Cards with MyImage Credit Card. This option is currently enabled for all card variants except Wealth Infinite Credit Card, Wealth Management Credit Card, Privy League Platinum and Signature Credit Cards, NRI Signature Credit Card, Kotak Solaris Credit Card, Kotak Fortune Credit Card, Kotak Feast Credit Card, Kotak Corporate Credit Card, Travel Agent Credit Card, Purchase Credit Card, Best Price Credit Card and Metro Credit Card.

Can a New-to-Bank customer apply for a MyImage Credit Card?

Currently the MyImage Credit Card feature is enabled only for existing Kotak Credit Card variants as mentioned above.

Can I upload my picture and apply for a Kotak MyImage Credit Card?

You can only personalize your Kotak Credit Card through the Bank’s curated digital library, as a part of the MyImage Credit Card feature. Uploading your picture is not available as an option at the moment.

Where can I apply for a Kotak MyImage Credit Card?

Applying for MyImage Credit Card is very easy. You can apply for a Kotak MyImage Credit Card through multiple channels:

Kotak Website:

Click on this link to explore: <Pre-login link>

Browse through the image gallery and personalize to Kotak MyImage Credit Card right away!

Net Banking:

Log in to Net Banking by clicking here: <Net banking link> Click on ‘Credit Card’ tab > Select ‘Apply for MyImage Credit Card’ from the left side menu and start personalizing

Mobile Banking:

Log in to Mobile Banking > Go to ‘Credit Card’ tab > Select ‘MyImage Credit Card’

What are the fees and charges applicable on Kotak MyImage Credit Card?

We charge you nominal fees for enabling the personalized Kotak MyImage Credit Card.

You will charge a one-time image selection fee as displayed to you while you are applying for the MyImage Credit Card. Apart from this, the standard Card Replacement fee of Rs.100 will also be applicable. Taxes as applicable will be over and above both of these charges.

Will my Card number change in case I personalize my existing Credit Card to the image of my choice?

Yes, your card number will change if you choose to replace your existing Credit Card with a MyImage Credit Card. Your existing Credit Card will be deactivated in the next 45 days or after the 1st transaction on the Cardholder's new MyImage Credit Card, whichever is earlier.. On receipt of the personalized Credit Card, please destroy the old card by cutting it diagonally across the magnetic stripe or shredding the same.

If you have any ongoing Standing Instructions, please ensure that after receiving your new Credit Card, your replace the instructions with the respective Service Providers/Concerned Merchants to enjoy a seamless usage experience (e.g. insurance provider, telecom service provider, etc.).

Can an Add-on Credit Card be personalized with MyImage Credit Card?

Yes, you can gift a personalized MyImage Credit Card to your loved ones if they already hold an Add-on Credit Card against your Kotak Credit Card. Charges as mentioned above will apply for the personalization.

In case my Kotak MyImage Credit Card is lost or damaged, can I get the new Credit Card with the same image? What will be the fees and charges?

In case the card is lost:

Yes, you can get a replacement of your Kotak MyImage Credit Card with the same image as your last MyImage Credit Card. If you have lost your Kotak MyImage Credit Card, you may report a loss and place a Reissuance Request through the Kotak Mobile Banking app or by calling Customer Contact Center at 1860 266 2666 (local call rates apply) and you will be reissued the same.

You will be charged a reissuance fee as well as an image fee of Rs.100. Taxes will be as applicable.

In case the card is damaged:

You may report a damaged Credit Card for a Reissuance Request through the Kotak Mobile Banking app or by calling Customer Contact Center at 1860 266 2666 (local call rates apply) and you will be re-issued the same. There will be no charges in case of a damaged card.

If your card was damaged before personalization, you will be charged the Image Card fee only.

Can I do international transactions with my Kotak MyImage Credit Card?

International transactions on your Kotak MyImage Credit Card will be enabled/disabled as per your instructions to the Bank. You can also place a request to activate your Kotak MyImage Credit Card for International usage by:

SMS CCINTLON <space> Last 4 digits of your Kotak Credit Card Number to 9971056767 or 5676788 from your Registered Mobile Number


Call our 24-hour Customer Contact Centre at 1860 266 2666 (local call rates apply)

You will be informed about the activation once the request is processed.

How do i generate a pin for kotak Myimage Credit Card

You can regenerate your Kotak MyImage Credit Card PIN by:

Visiting  for instant PIN generation.

You can also regenerate your Kotak MyImage Cedit Card PIN though Net Banking, Mobile Banking or by calling our Customer Contact Center at 1860 266 2666 (local call rates apply).

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