Frequently Asked Questions

How is the interest calculated on cash?

Please refer the below information:

Interest charges = (Number of days for which a balance is held) * (Amount) * (Daily rate of interest)

Daily rate of interest = (Monthly interest rate) * 12/365

Daily rate of interest = (3.5%) * 12/365 = 0.1019%

Please note that the per day interest rate in the above calculation is for illustration purpose only and the actual applicable rate shall be as prevailing and quoted in the schedule of charges.

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Would that also include coffee shops & pizza outlets like Cafe Coffee Day, Barista or Dominos etc?

Yes, you can get dining points if the coffee shops & pizza outlets are mapped under the Restaurant MCC in VISA mapping. As per VISA data majority of coffee shops and pizza outlets are identified as under Restaurant MCC and hence the customer can enjoy 10 Dining points for every Rs. 100 Spent.

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What happens if the Insurance Company approves my claim?

If the insurance claim is approved by the Insurance Company the disputed transaction amount[s] would be credited to your card account, subject to the eligible insurance amount. In case the disputed amount exceeds the eligible claim amount you shall be liable to pay for the excess amount of the disputed transaction(s) as reflecting in your Kotak Credit Card Statement.

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Do I enjoy any interest free period on retail?

Yes, you enjoy an interest free period on retail transactions of up to 48 days.

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Will this include all restaurants, bars and pubs in hotels?

Hotels are strictly barred from any dinning points. For e.g. If a customer eats at TAJ or ITC Grand Maratha they will not receive dinning points.

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