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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I select a Kotak Credit Card?

Kotak Credit Cards symbolize the following guiding principles:


Kotak Credit Cards are simple to understand and use. We have taken special care to make them hassle free so that you can spend time on more important things in life that require your attention.


Kotak Credit Cards are transparent in communicating upfront what the Card offers and what you would have to spend for it, if at all. We have taken care that there will be no hidden charges associated with this Card.


Kotak Credit Cards have understood what you need the most from your credit Card, and have been designed to give you only those benefits that are most relevant for you.

This promise from Kotak ensures that you only get the best from your credit Card!

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Whom has the Kotak Essentia Chip Card been designed for?

The Kotak Essentia Chip Card has been specifically designed for the High Income or High Net Worth individuals. We have kept in mind your lifestyle requirements and the relevant benefits so that you could derive the maximum out of it.

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What type of Card is Kotak Essentia Chip Card?

The Kotak Essentia Card is a VISA Chip Card.

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Why should I choose a Kotak Essentia Chip Card? Are there any specific benefits that I get?

Only Kotak Essentia Chip Card offers you a unique every time & everywhere advantage - 10% savings on Departmental & Grocery spends. We give you the freedom to choose your Departmental Store or Grocery Store and save with every transaction!

Essentia gives you 10 saving points for every Rs. 100 you spend on essentials at Departmental Store & Grocery Stores. And each point is worth Rs. 1 So for every Rs. 100 you spend, you save Rs. 10!

Minimum purchase: Rs. 1500

Maximum purchase: Rs. 4000

Maximum saving points for a month - 500 valued at Rs. 500

What's more, you earn 1 saving point for every Rs. 250 you spend on other categories. So you save with every swipe!

Saving Points can be redeemed for Cash, Airline Tickets, Merchandise, Mobile recharge and many more options!

Besides this, enjoy Milestone feature where you will get 12 movie tickets every year.

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What is the Annual & Joining Fee for this Card?

The Joining fee for Kotak Essentia Chip Platinum Card is Rs. 1499

Joining Fees of Rs. 1499 is applicable in the 1st Year and charged one time at the beginning of the year .It is billed in the 1st statement generated after card set up in the 1st Year.

The Annual fee for Kotak Essentia Chip Platinum Card is Rs. 749

Annual fee of Rs. 749 is applicable from the 2nd Year onwards and charged at the beginning of the year.It is billed in the 13th statement generated after card set up in the 2nd Year and every 12 months thereafter.

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