25 OCTOBER, 2022

Are you changing your mobile number or shifting to a new place? A change of residence, email ID, or phone number is sometimes unavoidable. If you are a credit card user, you must keep your contact details updated with your bank. The credit card mobile number must be correctly reflected on the credit card to receive swift communication whenever you use your credit card.

Why Is It Necessary to Keep Updated Your Address and Contact Details?

Banks keep communicating and staying in touch with their clients through SMS and email to ensure a smooth correspondence flow. They send frequent messages to their clients regarding credit card statements, bank notices, new product information, bill dues and credit card payment information on email ID and mobile number.

The following are the reasons why you must keep your address and contact details updated.

  • An updated credit card mobile number or email ID ensures that the bank can conveniently contact you.
  • You get all the necessary information promptly without any communication gap.
  • Updating your credit card address ensures that sensitive information does not go to a new person staying at your old address.
  • Also, the bank will send it to the currently registered address if your credit card expires or upgrades. It is necessary to update the address to receive the new credit card.

You can change the address or contact details in both ways, both online and offline. Here is a guide on the online and offline processes.

Ways to Change the Credit Card Mobile Number, Email ID, or Address
  1. Internet Banking
  2. Mobile App
  3. Customer Care Service
  4. Visit the Branch

You can choose either of these methods. Let us explain the steps for each method.

Internet Banking

  • Steps to Change Mobile Number:

- Refer to the bank's official website and enter your internet banking ID and password to log in to internet banking.

- Go to My Profile>Contacts>Click on 'Send OTP' to update your mobile number.

- Verify the received OTP sent on the new mobile number.

- Submit, and your mobile number will be changed in no time.

  • Steps to Change Email ID:

- Refer to the bank's official website and log in to internet banking.

- Go to My Profile> Contact Details>Email ID>Edit.

- Enter your new email ID and click on 'Send confirmation'.

You will receive the confirmation link on your new email ID. Open the mail and confirm the link. Your credit card email ID will be changed.

  • Steps to Change Address:

- Log in to internet banking at the bank's official website.

- Go to the Profile>Update contact details>Correspondence Address>Edit.

- You can update the address using Aadhar and OTP OR by uploading address proof OR by logging in to DigiLocker.

Mobile Application

  • Steps to Change Mobile Number:

- Log in to the bank's mobile app with your application password.

- Go to Menu>My Profile>Edit your mobile number. Input the new mobile number

- Click on 'Send OTP' to receive an OTP on your new mobile number

- Verify the OTP and click on 'Submit' to change the number.

  • Steps to Change Email ID:

- Log in to the bank's mobile app with your set password.

- Go to Service Request>My Profile>EMAIL ID Update.

- Enter the new Email ID.

- You will receive an email containing the confirmation link.

- Click on the link to confirm your request.

  • Steps to Change Address:

- Log in to the bank's mobile app with your application password.

- Go to Menu>Support and Services>Insta services>Update contact>Update Communication/Permanent Address.

- Enter the new address and click on the 'Agree' button.

- Now, you need to upload the required documents:

- Passport/ Driver’s License/ Voter’s ID card/ Aadhar card

- PAN Card/Form 60/

- Electricity Bill/Mobile Bill

- Property Receipt

Customer Care Support

If you are not comfortable with online banking services, you can connect to the customer care executive of the bank to make changes in your contact details and address. You will need to follow the process advised by the bank's representative. The customer care number will be available on the bank's official website.

Visit the Branch

You can also visit the bank's branch to change the address on your credit card, Email ID or phone number. Ask the officials for a Customer Request Form (CRF). Fill out the form with new details. If you are submitting it for changing address, you must submit a self-attested copy of the proof of the new address. The bank will notify you about the status of your update request.

Thus, updating the new correspondence address, phone number and email ID with the bank is critical. Remember to change your address or contact details on your credit card to ensure a smooth flow of correspondence between you and the bank. Opt to update your details online or offline at your convenience, ensure the safe use of your credit card, and know all your credit card information promptly. Banks keep updating their websites and mobile applications to ensure high security for their client's data. It may change the process of updating your details.

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