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Please refer the General Schedule of Features and Charges (GSFC) for your Current Account  (revised with effect from 1st Sep 2023) Click here

General Schedule of Features & Charges (GSFC)
For Kotak Online Current Account (w.e.f 1st September, 2023)
Particulars Standard Charges (in Rs.) Product Level NIL Charges Limits & Charges (in Rs.)
Product Name Kotak Online Current Account
Average Quarterly Balance (AQB) in Rs. Nil
Remittances/Payments/Cash transaction:
Demand Draft/ Banker's Cheque Payable at Branch Locations 1 / 1000 (Min 50 Max 5000) Std Charges
Payable at Non- branch Locations 2 / 1000 (Min 50 Max 5000) Std Charges
RTGS Applicable only if done in Branch 2 - 5 L: 20 / txn;
> 5 L: 40 / txn
Nil charges upto 5 txns p.m thereafter std charges
NEFT** Applicable only if done in Branch Upto 10k: 2/txn; >10K to
2L: 4/txn >2 L: 24/txn
Nil charges upto 5 txns p.m thereafter std charges
Cash Withdrawal For Non - home Branch Location 2/1000 Min 50 per txn Nil charges
Cash Deposits At Home Branch & non Home Branch Location 3.5/1000 Min 50 per txn Std Charges
Cheque Book Default Cheque Book is Payable At-par Only Upto 500 leaves/p.m. - 2/leaf; Std Charges
Above 500 leaves/p.m. - 3/leaf
IMPS Upto Rs. 100000: 5 / txn; Std Charges
Above Rs. 100001: 15 / txn
Receipts/ Collections:
Out-station Cheque Drawn at Kotak Branch Locations <10K: 50/Chq; 10K - 1L: 100/Chq; >1L: 150/Chq Std Charges
(Cheques drawn on non-speed clearing branches) Drawn at Kotak Non - branch Locations <10K: 50/Chq; 10K - 1L: 100/Chq; >1L: 150/Chq Std Charges
Home Banking:
On Call Requests Cash Pick-up or Delivery^ Upto 2 lacs: Rs. 875/-
Rs. 2 lacs to Rs. 6 lacs: Rs. 1,475/-
Rs. 6.01 lacs to Rs. 10 lacs: Rs.2,475/-
Rs.10.01 Lac to Rs. 20 Lacs: Rs.4,075/-Rs.20.01 Lacs to Rs.100.00 Lacs: Rs.6,675/-
per request
Std Charges
Cheque Pick-up/DD Delivery Rs 75/- per request Std Charges
Beat Service Cash Pickup Up to Rs.1.00 Lac: 2.75/1000
Rs.1.01 Lacs to Rs.6.00 Lacs: 1.75/1000
Rs.6.01 Lacs to Rs.100.00 Lacs: 1.5/1000
Per Month
Std Charges
Cheque Pick-up 500 p.m. Std Charges
Automated Teller Machine (ATM): Kotak ATM Txn - Nil Charges
VISA ATMs - Domestic Non Financial Txn 8.50 per txn Std Charges
Cash Withdrawal 21 per txn
VISA ATMs - International Non Financial Txn 25 per txn Std Charges
Cash Withdrawal 150 per txn Std Charges
Txn declined at merchant outlets/website/ATM, due to insufficient Balance^^ Insufficient Funds 25 per txn Std Charges
Debit Card:
Debit Card Charges Annual Fee Rs. 259 p.a. Std Charges
Card Replacement Lost / Stolen Card Rs. 200 Std Charges
Other Charges:
Account Related
Account Closure Charges Customer Induced Closure <30 Days & > 181 Days: Nil; 31 - 181 Days: Rs. 600
Cheque Returns <>
Cheques Deposited & Returned (Outward) Local & Out-station Rs. 100 per Cheque Std Charges
Cheques Issued and Returned (Inward) & Financial Reasons Rs. 500/instance Std Charges
ECS returns
SMS Alerts & Updates
Balance (Daily/Weekly), Txn & Value Added Alerts SMS - Rs. 0.50 per message Std Charges
Email - Nil charges
Charges Common for All Products
Account Statements (Through Email -Nil charges )
Weekly Physical Rs. 300 per Quarter Std Charges
Annual Combined Statement (Physical) Through Branch & Phone Banking : Rs 100 Std Charges
Ad- hoc Statements Request At Branch/ Phone Banking <=365 Days: Rs.100 Std Charges
>365 Days: Rs. 200 Std Charges
On Net Banking/ ATM Rs. 50 Std Charges
Foreign Currency Payments & Collections #
DD Issuance/DD Cancellation /DD Revalidation/Cheque Collection Rs. 500 Std Charges
TT Transfer ~ Corr Bank Chrgs Borne by Beneficiary Rs. 250 Std Charges
Corr Bank Chrgs Not Borne by Beneficiary Rs. 1000 Std Charges
Cheque Deposited and Returned ~ / Cheque Issued and Returned ~ <> (Financial Reasons) Rs. 1000 Std Charges
Miscellaneous Charges
PIN Regeneration ATM/ Net Banking (only if sent through courier) Rs.50 Std Charges
Fund Transfer Return Financial Reasons Rs.300 Std Charges
Cheque Purchase Charges Rs. 0.5/1000/Day Std Charges
Travelers Cheque Encashment ~ 1% of TC Amount Std Charges
Mandate Registration Charges Rs.50/Instance Std Charges
Standing Instruction Set-up & Failure Rs.100 Std Charges
Amendment Rs.25 Std Charges
TDS Certificate(Duplicate only) Rs. 200/Request Std Charges
Interest Statement(Duplicate only)/ Stop payment/ DD/BC Cancellation & Revalidation/Signature Verification/Address Confirmation/Balance Statement(Other than 31st March)/Record retrieval charges/Photo Attestation Rs.100/Request Std Charges
Solvency Certificate Rs. 10000 Std Charges
Confidential Report/Credit Confirmation/ TOD Charges Rs. 500 Std Charges
Coin Deposit charges: "Nil Charges" upto deposit value of Rs 50 ; Beyond Rs 50 per instance, 5% on entire amount of coins deposited will be charged. Low Denomination Charges: 0.5% of the value above Rs 5000 deposit per instance ; Only Rs 10 and Rs 20 notes will be considered.
SMS Alerts & Updates : - Mandatory Alerts will not be charged
Under Home Banking cash pick up services (On Call & Beat), lower denomination (value equal to or less than Rs. 50 ) notes and coins will not be accepted.
Beat Cash Service charges will be charged as per agreed Contractual Slab on a monhtly basis
Home Banking (On Call & Beat Service) - Maximum slab avaliable for cash pick up is up to 100 lacs only ( Adhoc / daily )
Non financial Txn under debit card section includes Balance enquiry , Mini Statement & PIN Change.
Debit Card Transaction eligibilty Five free transactions (inclusive of financial and non-financial transactions) every month from own bank ATMs. From other bank ATMs (inclusive of financial and non-financial transactions) free three transactions per month in metro centres and five transactions in non-metro centres.
Abbreviations Used: For all value figures L=Lakhs & K=Thousand; Chq = Cheque; Std = Standard; Chrg = Charge; Txn=Transaction; p.m.=per month; p.a.=per annum; Avg=Average; FCY= Foreign Currency; FT=Fund Transfer; Corr=Correspondent; TOD=Temporary Overdraft; w/o= without
**Indo - Nepal Remittance Scheme (NEFT Charges):
If beneficiary maintains an account with Nepal SBI Bank Ltd (NSBL): Rs 25 per txn (incl all taxes)
If beneficiary does not maintain an account with Nepal SBI Bank Ltd (NSBL): Upto Rs 5000 - Rs 75 per txn & beyond Rs 5000 - Rs 100 per txn (incl all taxes)
# Applicable for all transactions which involve foreign currency conversion. This charge is applicable from May 16, 2008 as per the CBDT Circular
~ Any purchase / sale of foreign exchange will attract GST on the gross amount of currency exchanged as per GST on Foreign Currency Conversion Charges (FCY) table above
Please note any rejections in applications made through ASBA mode due to insufficient funds will attract charges of Rs 300/- per rejection.
@ Nil charges Cash Deposit Limits & Cash Handling Charges for OD Accounts:
Nil charges at Home Branch Location Only: Home branch location is defined as all the branches belonging to the same clearing zone in which the account is opened.
Charges applicable :
Rs 3.5/1000 of cash deposited and part thereof + GST as applicable.
*Nil charges on Transaction and Value added SMSalerts to the customers who have subscribed for Daily/Weekly balance alert facility.
*Alerts that have been mandated by RBI as well as alerts which are deemed appropriate by the Bank, will be sent without any charges, even if Daily/Weekly Balance SMS alerts facility has not been subscribed.
Service Charges to Account Holders in Rural / Semi-urban locations:
The Bank will charge cross-currency mark-up of 3.5% on foreign currency transactions carried out on Debit Cards. The exchange rate used will be the VISA/Master Card wholesale exchange rate prevailing at the time of transaction.
<> Indicates penalty charges
Charges are exclusive of the Goods and Service Tax (GST). With effect from July 1, 2017 the effective Goods and Service tax rate will be 18% on taxable value. The GST rate is subject to change from time to time.
"State Government taxes / Cess as applicable shall be charged”
W.e.f 1st July,2020; threshold as well as Rate of TDS applicable for CASH withdrawal will dependent on submission of proof of Income Tax Return filed. Revised TDS rates will be as under :
Aggregate Cash Withdrawals in all accounts in a Financial Year Income tax Return copy
Submitted to Bank
Income tax Return copy NOT
Submitted to Bank
Upto Rs.20 Lakhs Nil Nil
Rs.20 lakhs to Rs. 1 crore Nil 2%@
In Excess of Rs. 1 crore 2%@ 5%@
@If PAN is not updated in the account then the TDS deduction at the rate 20% as per section 206AA of the Income Tax Act will apply. For foreign companies, foreign partnership firms, Non-residents additional surcharge and health & education cess will be applicable as per Income Tax law.
All charges are subject to revision with an intimation of 30 days to account holders. Closure of account due to revision of charges will not be subject to account closure charges.