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The process requires a one-time addition of card details in the Jiopay app, and you are good to go. The next time you pay at an NFC-enabled terminal, the system will automatically fetch the card details and let you pay with a single click. The Jio bill payment login facility makes the payment procedure much faster, easier, and safer than ever before.

Key Features of JioPay

  • An easier and faster way to pay through your Jiopay login
  • Acceptable at all online and offline shopping outlets with NFC-enabled terminals
  • No ATM/PIN is required for Jio Auto Pay
  • There is no need for a separate registration
  • Sufficient limit per transaction
  • Available on all Jio Phones
  • Freedom from maintaining multiple debit and credit cards
  • Easy and free to setup
  • Efficient management of various numbers and due dates
  • Facility to switch the payment mode whenever required

Benefits of JioPay

  • Ease of instant payment
  • Cashback offers are applicable on select payments
  • Low minimum transaction limits
  • Other perks to increase savings


JioPay is a mobile payment app on your Jio Phone that can be used by you to make merchant payments using your Kotak Credit Cards (not allowed for Person-to-Person transfer).

To safeguard your card details, JioPay uses a process called Tokenization powered by VISA, which replaces your sensitive card information with an alias called “Token”, which is then used for payment instead of the sensitive card information.

JioPay uses Near Field Communications technology (NFC) to make contactless payments using the cards enrolled in the application. Kotak Visa Credit Cards can be selected at the time of payment and user can tap the backside of Jio Phone on NFC enabled terminal to complete the payment.


Ensure to have a working Jio SIM in your JioPhone and mobile data is turned on

  • Launch JioPay on JioPhone
  • Accept JioPay T&C, Login into JioPay using OTP
  • Follow the instruction on screen and complete the enrolment process

Credit Limits and Interest Rates

Paying through Jio Autopay using a credit card provides a decent credit limit to make various payments without any financial crunch. When you complete the Jio credit card application procedure, the company determines your credit limit based on your transaction history, credit rating, income, eligibility, and other parameters. You can utilise your credit limit each month and pay it through credit card bills later.

The Jiopay interest rates are also reasonable, so they don't increase your expenses significantly. There is no interest rate if you pay your bills on time. However, if you decide to pay it later, the interest rates are nominal without any additional charges as long as you make the minimum payment.

Application Form

Avail of the benefits of Jio Autopay using a credit card, fill out the following application form to apply:




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the JioPay Credit Card, and how does it differ from traditional credit cards?

JioPay credit card is a type of credit card that allows you to make bill payments and recharges at any online or offline merchant counter. Ample credit limits, competitive interest rates, easy application, and ease of use are some features that make it different from traditional credit cards.

How can I apply for a JioPay Credit Card?

You can apply for a JioPay credit card by completing an online application form containing your personal, financial, and identity details.

What are the key features of the JioPay Credit Card?

Ample credit limits, low-interest rates, easy bill payments, and reward points are the key features of the JioPay credit card.

What benefits does the JioPay Credit Card offer to users?

JioPay credit card offers several benefits to users, including cashback, reward points, ease and speed of payments, etc.

What is the credit limit offered with the JioPay Credit Card, and how are interest rates determined?

The credit limit and interest rates vary based on the applicant’s credit history, transaction history, income, turnover, age, DTI ratio, etc.

How does JioPay ensure the security of transactions made with the Credit Card?

End-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and other security measures secure transactions with the JioPay credit card.

Can I use the JioPay Credit Card for international transactions?

Currently, the JioPay credit card is only valid for merchants and customers in India. So, it does not support international transactions.

Is there an annual fee for the JioPay Credit Card?

The annual fee for a JioPay credit card varies based on the company's policy and the credit card type you opt for.

How long does it take for the JioPay Credit Card application to be processed?

After applying for a JioPay credit card, you will receive your card within a few days. Afterwards, you can use the Jio Pay login procedure to make the payments.

What should I do if I encounter issues during the application process or have further questions?

If you have any queries, you can contact the JioPay customer centre via phone, email, instant chat, or social media.

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