What is the best age to buy Life Insurance?
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11 MAY, 2021

One thing which the year 2020 has taught everyone across the globe is - life is uncertain. With people realizing the importance of keeping themselves safe and their loved ones protected, the need and demand for insurance started going up. Life insurance offers life cover to the policyholder and safeguards the loved ones against the financial pitfalls caused by the insured’s demise.

If you have financial dependents, then being covered with a life insurance policy is crucial in current times. You may know that buying insurance is wise, but do you know the exact age at which you should buy insurance? Let us have a look.

What is Life Insurance? 

In simple terms, a life insurance policy is a contract between the insured and the insurance company. The insured agrees to pay a pre-determined amount as per the laid down terms to the insurance company. This is known as the insurance premium. In return, the insurance company agrees to pay a pre-determined amount to the appointed beneficiary of the insured in the event of the insured’s death. This payout is known as the death benefit.

Some life insurance policies also pay a maturity benefit to the insured, if the insured survives the life insurance term period.

The life insurance premium is determined by a number of factors; however, the most important factor that affects the life insurance premium is the age of the insured.

This means that if you are buying life insurance, it is advisable to buy it at a young age to enjoy lower premium prices and longer coverage.

What is the Right Age to Buy Life Insurance? 

  • The younger, the better:
    When it comes to buying life insurance, industry experts have always maintained, “The younger, the better.” When you are young, you get lower premiums and longer coverage. So, buy a life insurance policy the moment you are gainfully employed and start earning. Earmark a part of your first salary towards your first premium.
  • Number of dependents on your salary:
    If for any reason, you did not buy life insurance in the early stages of your life, you can buy it when you have family members depending on your salary. Determine the number of years they will need your salary and buy a life insurance policy that will take care of their needs after your demise.
  • Value of financial liabilities:
    Again, it is fine if you didn’t avail a life insurance policy in the early stages of your life. But it is imperative to get one if you have availed a major loan (home loan, vehicle loan) and do not want your family to be burdened by the repayment after your demise. Calculate the value of total financial liabilities and get a life insurance policy that will pay-off the loans to ensure financial safeguard for the family.

Buying insurance at an early age (probably in your 20s or 30s) has numerous benefits. Let us enlist those benefits for you below: 

  • Lower Premium Rates:
    If you are young and healthy, you are less likely to have any chronic disease. Insurance companies are aware of this factor and hence charges lesser premium rates to young individuals.
  • Longer Coverage:
    Life insurance policies have varying terms and can go up to whole life coverage. When you buy life insurance at a younger age, you are covered for a longer duration.

How to Buy Best Life Insurance Plan? 

We list below some features which you must watch out while opting for a life insurance plan: 

  • Research the types of life insurance coverage available to you – term life insurance, endowment plans, ULIPs, etc.
  • Choose a life insurance policy that suits your specific financial requirements and coverage needs perfectly.
  • Research and compare different life insurance policies offered by leading life insurance companies.
  • Choose a company with high settlement ratio and easy claim settlement process.
  • Read the policy document carefully to understand the inclusions and exclusions.
  • Opt for flexible premium payment and payout options.
  • Look for relevant riders like a critical illness cover with your life insurance.


In challenging times like these, it would be best to opt for life insurance at the earliest to financially safeguard your family and loved ones, even in your absence. 



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