11 MAY, 2021

It is always advisable to be prepared for various contingencies in life with a financial back-up that will protect your family when you cannot. Getting life insurance coverage that can fulfil your family’s needs and let them live a worry-free life is the best decision in current times.

A term insurance policy is an appropriate choice for such emergencies since it ensures that you pay low premiums for high financial coverage. This policy provides financial coverage to beneficiaries in the event the insured dies within the policy’s maturity. Among the different insurance products, a term life insurance offers the highest life coverage for extremely affordable premiums.  

What is Term Life Insurance?

In a Term Life Insurance, the insured’s family can get the benefit and aid of a fixed insurance amount if the insured meets with an untimely death. However, the beneficiary can only get the insurance coverage if the policyholder’s demise occurred within the policy’s duration. The lump-sum death benefit will be of immense financial help to your family. The term life insurance policy will help your family take care of big expenses like marriage, higher education, etc. 

How does a Term Plan Work?

Before we understand the workings of a term plan, let us look at some primary features of a term insurance policy:

  • Sum assured: The lump-sum money that your beneficiaries will receive through the Term Life Insurance is called the ‘sum assured’. It is also known as the cover or the coverage of the insurance policy.
  • Affordable premiums: Term life insurance is considered one of the most affordable life insurance policies. With several plans and payout options, you will get to decide the payment option. You can also select benefit options for your term insurance. 
  • Long-term insurance coverage: The maximum entry age for this policy is held at 65 years, and the maximum maturity age for the policy is held at 75 years. This helps you to be covered for a significant period. 
  • Financial security: The death benefit will help your children’s future goals and dreams and help your family take care of their daily expenses. Any major financial obligations like a home loan or any outstanding debts can be taken care of. 

Now let us look at how term plans work:

  • You buy a term insurance policy from a reliable provider. Select the policy term and the sum assured based on your specific financial and family requirements.
  • You can either pay a lump-sum one-time premium or pay it in regular instalments – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. The premiums you pay are tax-deductible under Section 80C of the Indian Income Tax Act.
  • The term insurance will cover you for the selected policy tenure.
  • In case of your unfortunate demise during the policy term, your family will be paid the sum assured as death benefit either as a lump sum one-time payout or regular monthly payouts. The death benefit received under term insurance plans is exempted from taxation under Section 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act.
  • If you survive the policy term, there is no maturity payout. However, some insurance companies offer a Return of Premium Term Plans that offer the total premiums paid as maturity payout.

Summing Up

A term insurance plan will confirm your loved one’s financial security. This policy safeguards your family’s outstanding debts, any legal obligations, or the financial support to deal with heavy expenditures.  

In conclusion, the only certain thing in life is uncertainty. However, you can assure your family’s financial future if you are prepared. After buying term life insurance, you can be at peace, knowing your family’s future will be secure even if you are not around. 




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