It is no secret that a wedding is a costly affair. Despite preparing a budget for all your big-ticket expenses, you are sure to encounter some random last-minute wedding expenses. From flowers, thank-you cards, and room service to guest transportation, there are many little expenditures that may add up quickly. Here’s where you can avail a wedding loan, a variant of a personal loan, to fund your grand day and manage all such little expenditures that may come up randomly.

Discussed here is a list of some wedding-associated expenses that you may tend to overlook when planning your wedding budget –

  • Unexpected guests

In Indian weddings, it is common for the relatives of the invited guest to also turn up. It means increased meal costs. So, if you are expecting 300 guests, keep provision for at least 350 guests. After all, you would not want any food shortage. In the case of any leftovers, you always have the option of sending the food to a shelter home or orphanage for goodwill.

  • Wedding favours

Wedding favours are return gifts that may range anywhere from silver coins to sweets to clothes, based on your wedding budget. It is a small gesture to welcome your loved ones and show them some love for making your day special.

  • Room service charge

This could get a little tricky. In case you are hosting the stay of all your guests in a hotel, then the room service charge may create havoc on your estimated budget. Instead of bearing the overall expense of your guests, ranging from mini bar expense to additional food expense, you may keep a basket filled with goodies in every room along with a polite message mentioning something along the lines of - “This is a gift for you and the cost of any additional service should be borne by you.”

Despite this, there may be a few guests who still may want you to bear the room service cost, so ensure to be ready with a small amount allocated towards this service.

  • Guest transportation

If your family and friends are travelling by train or flying in to attend your big day, then you may have to allocate a small budget to transport them to the hotel rooms from the railway station or airport. For this, you must consider hiring a 4-wheeler with a driver. Also, you would require transporting them to the marriage venue and back. So, be prepared with an adequate budget allocated towards transportation expenses.

  • Overtime expense

Most weddings tend to surpass the expected schedules. This may be because you arrived late or lost track of time. In such cases, overtime fees are levied for the rented place. So, ensure to enquire regarding the overtime costs and keep some funds ready towards this cost too.

  • Post marriage expenditures

You may feel the need to mail a thank you note to all the guests who attended your wedding. Here in this case, you may have to incur the printing and postage expenses, which is another additional cost you must factor into your wedding budget.


To meet all your additional expenses, you may consider hitting on the personal loan apply online option. However, before you do so, ensure to prepare a budget for all the additional expenses, and then use an online personal loan EMI calculator to compute the personal loan EMI as per your repayment potential. To bring down your loan burden, please make sure to ask your lender to offer you the lowest personal loan interest rate.

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