We have added to the ease and convenience of your day-to-day transactions by tying up with the JioPay. So, now shop and pay conveniently at your nearest store(s) with Tap & Pay on JioPay. Simply add your Kotak Credit Card to JioPay app in your Jio Phone.


JioPay is a mobile payment app on your Jio Phone that can be used by you to make merchant payments using your Kotak Credit Cards (not allowed for Person-to-Person transfer).

To safeguard your card details, JioPay uses a process called Tokenization powered by VISA, which replaces your sensitive card information with an alias called “Token”, which is then used for payment instead of the sensitive card information.

JioPay uses Near Field Communications technology (NFC) to make contactless payments using the cards enrolled in the application. Kotak Visa Credit Cards can be selected at the time of payment and user can tap the backside of Jio Phone on NFC enabled terminal to complete the payment.


Ensure to have a working Jio SIM in your JioPhone and mobile data is turned on

  • Launch JioPay on JioPhone
  • Accept JioPay T&C, Login into JioPay using OTP
  • Follow the instruction on screen and complete the enrolment process


Frequently Asked Questions


How to update JioPay app?

Visit Jio Store on Jio Phone and update Jio Pay app. If Jio Phone software is not updated, then customer first needs to update to the latest software from Jio Phone settings >device>software update. Once latest software is updated on Jio Phone, customer can launch JioPay and start transacting. 

Do customer need a Jio mobile internet connection to use JioPay?

Yes. You need an active Jio SIM with mobile data to use JioPay. Currently, JioPay is only available on Jio Phones.

Does JioPay work over WiFi, hotspot, etc?

For first time login, customer must have active Jio SIM card on JioPhone, and after successful login JioPay can work on Wi-Fi or HotSpot.

How to Set Up JioPay?

Ensure to have a working Jio SIM in your Jio Phone and mobile data is turned on

  • Launch Jio Pay on Jio Phone
  • Accept Jio Pay T&C, Login into Jio Pay using OTP
  • Follow the instruction on screen and complete enrollment 

I am unable to setup my JioPay account. What should I do?

Check whether you have an active Internet connection with a Jio SIM and then re-launch JioPay. If the issue persists, please contact Jio customer care.

Don't have a Kotak Credit Card?