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Pay your Credit Card bills online via Kotak Mahindra Bank

Make your credit card bill payment a breeze with Kotak’s bill payment facility. Pay online through our website or download the mobile app and make an online credit card payment easily and instantly. All your transactions are secure, and you get multiple digital payment options to pay your credit card dues most conveniently. So, don’t delay your credit card bill payment. Use the online mode and pay your bills conveniently.

Various Modes to Pay Your Credit Card Bills

With different modes offered by Kotak, pay credit card bills online with ease. Whether you want to make your credit card bill payment online or offline, Kotak gives you the solution. Pick from any of the following online and offline modes that suit your preference and clear your outstanding dues.

Payments via other Bank Accounts

Credit Card Billing Cycle

While using your credit card, it is important to be aware about several terms associated with it, one of which is credit card billing cycle. It is an important aspect of financial planning. Once you are aware of your billing cycle, you can use your card to the best of your advantage.

What Is Credit Card Billing Cycle?

The billing cycle refers to the period for which your credit card statement has been generated. Any transaction which occurred during this period will reflect in your statement. A fair example of this would be, let’s say your credit card bill is generated on the 19th of every month. This means your credit billing cycle will start from 20th of the previous month and will continue to the 19th of current month. During this period, any and every transaction incurred and posted on your credit card will reflect in that month statement. This will also include your credit card payments, refunds of payments via credit cards, cashbacks, cash withdrawals (if any) and continuing EMI’s on your credit cards.

A typical billing cycle varies between 27-31 days.

How does a credit card billing cycle work?

The billing cycle starts from the day your credit card is activated till the next statement date. All the transactions done using your credit card will start accumulating in your monthly bill. If you are transferring balance from another credit card to the current one, it will include balance transfer charges. In case you have running EMI’s linked to the credit card, they will be added basis frequency. If any amount is paid back to your card for example fuel surcharge, it will be subtracted from the bill and the final bill gets generated. Any transaction made after the billing cycle is over for the month will reflect in the next month’s statement.

What is a Credit Card Billing Date?

The Credit Card Billing Date or statement date is the day when your Credit Card monthly statement is generated. For example if the billing cycle is 7th Jan to 6th Feb, the billing date is 6th Feb. Any activity after 6th Feb will reflect in billing statement generated in March. So the next billing cycle will be 7th Feb to 6th Mar. The billing date is fixed and will not change every billing cycle.


How is Credit Card Payment Due Date Calculated?

Credit Card Payment Due Date usually ranges between 18 to 21 days from the billing date. It means customer gets 18 to 21 days to make the payment of the outstanding amount billed to him in his statement. To check due date for your Credit Card refer to Remember to Pay By Date mentioned in the Credit Card statement.

Where can I find my billing cycle?

Your billing cycle is mentioned in your Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Card statement

Can I change my billing cycle?

Yes, you can change your billing cycle through our Customer Care team once in calendar year. You may contact 24x7 Customer Care at 1860 266 2666. Local call charges apply.

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Credit Card Bill Payment FAQs

How do I make payment towards my Credit Card bill?

You can choose to pay your Credit Card dues using the following options:

 WebPay, Mobile Banking, Net Banking, Auto Debit,/NACH, Cheque or Cash Payment at Kotak Bank Branches.

Refer the modes of payment section for more information on Credit Card Payments.

I do not hold a Savings/Current Account with Kotak, how do I pay my credit card bill?

You can pay your bill using our Web Pay service or pay via website

WebPay link -

(On selecting this link, the disclaimer pop up must appear and customer must be directed on selecting accept to webpay page


Click here to view and pay your Credit Card bill -

Your payment will be credited within 3 working days

What is minimum amount for credit card bill payment?

The minimum amount is generally computed as 5% of the total amount

due in your monthly credit card statement. Please note; EMIs, Joining Fees & all processing fees are added to your Minimum Amount Due in full. By paying this minimum due amount, you are not charged any late fees by the card issuer. However, making just the minimum payments on your due amount will attract finance charges on the entire outstanding balance including fresh purchases.

What happens if I make minimum due payment for my credit card?

If you choose to pay only the Minimum Amount

Due or any amount greater than the Minimum Amount Due but less than the Total Amount Due, then interest calculated on a daily accrual basis on the outstanding amount is payable at applicable interest rates.

How do I find out the credit card due amount?

You can refer to your monthly credit card statement

or visit the Kotak Mobile Banking App to check your Credit Card due amount.

When should I pay my credit card bill?

Ideally it is advisable to pay your credit card bill

as soon as you receive it. You can pay it before due date to avoid any overdue charges.

Why should I pay my credit card bill early?

If you pay off your credit card bill early,

you eliminate the chances of a default. You can, thus, avoid credit card interest payments on possible defaults or part payments.

What happens if I pay my credit card bill late?

Late payment of your credit card bill will attract charges basis overdue

What is credit score and how is it impacted due to my credit card payments?

A credit score is an indicator of a person's credit worthiness, or their ability to repay debt.

It is usually expressed as a number based on the person's repayment history and credit files across different loan types and credit institutions. Credit score is also known as a credit rating.

If you pay your bills on time, it will have a positive impact on your credit score.

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