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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make payment towards my Credit Card bill?

You can choose to pay your Credit Card dues using the following options: WebPay, Mobile Banking, Net Banking, Auto Debit,/NACH, Cheque or Cash Payment at Kotak Bank Branches.

Refer the modes of payment section for more information on Credit Card Payments.

I do not hold a Savings/Current Account with Kotak, how do I pay my credit card bill?

You can pay your bill using our Web Pay service or pay via website



WebPay link -

(On selecting this link, the disclaimer pop up must appear and customer must be directed on selecting accept to webpay page


Click here to view and pay your Credit Card bill 

Your payment will be credited within 3 working days

What is minimum amount for credit card bill payment?

The minimum amount is generally computed as 5% of the total amount due in your monthly credit card statement. Please note; EMIs, Joining Fees & all processing fees are added to your Minimum Amount Due in full. 

By paying this minimum due amount, you are not charged any late fees by the card issuer. However, making just the minimum payments on your due amount will attract finance charges on the entire outstanding balance including fresh purchases.

What happens if I make minimum due payment for my credit card?

If you choose to pay only the Minimum Amount Due or any amount greater than the Minimum Amount Due but less than the Total Amount Due, then interest calculated on a daily accrual basis on the outstanding amount is payable at applicable interest rates. 

How do I find out the credit card due amount?

You can refer to your monthly credit card statement or visit the Kotak Mobile Banking App to check your Credit Card due amount.