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How safe is the Kotak Mahindra Bank netc@rd?

Please refer the below information:

  • Your netc@rd is created online in real time for an amount decided by you and valid for a limited period only i.e: maximum 48 hrs.
  • netc@rd is an online, single transaction card. Therefore it cannot be used more than once and only up to the limited validity period and cannot be used on a swiping machine.
  • On successful use of netc@rd the same cannot be used again.
  • As a matter of practice, you should create netc@rd just before the payment for the intended purchase, and use it immediately at your chosen Merchant site.

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When does the source account get debited - at the time of creation of netc@rd or at the time of purchase payment?

The amount gets debited from your account at the time of creation of netc@rd.

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How do I cancel netc@rd, after generating it?

Login to Kotak Mahindra Bank's Net-Banking and click on "netc@rd" tab, and select "Cancel netc@rd" from the menu option. From the list of all netc@rds, select netc@rd that you want canceled and click on "Cancel Card". Please note, only those cards that have never been used cards can be cancelled. Such funds will be credited back within 1 Mumbai working day.

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What happens if I do not use the netc@rd at all or if I use only part of netc@rd amount?

For a completely unused netc@rd, the amount is credited back to your source account, within 1 Mumbai working days, from the end of the validity period.

In case netc@rd was partially utilized, the balance amount gets credited to the source account at the end of 35 days from the date of expiry of the card, if the same has not been claimed by the merchant/Visa.

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Several Merchant Sites ask for a 3 Digit Code to be entered in addition to the Card Number. Does netc@rd provide for such a number?

Yes, at the time of netc@rd creation, this 3 digit code (CVV2 Value) will be generated and it should be used when prompted by a Merchant Site.

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