Frequently Asked Questions


What do I have to pay to avail of Money Manager from KOTAK MAHINDRA Bank services?

It is absolutely FREE.

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What is the purpose of Money Manager on One View?

The One View page provides an overview of all your banking accounts and credit cards maintained with/issued by Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited. It will show the top five expenses for the current month.

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What do I get with Money Watch from KOTAK MAHINDRA Bank?

Following are the features:

  • A predictable financial future. You'll see a day by day statistics of your accounts after allowing for all expenses, all the way to your next salary or any other income.
  • Monthly budget goals for any or all of your categories.
  • Charts to understand your spending habits. For example, you can see how much you've spent dining out or at a particular restaurant no matter which account you used to pay for it.
  • Your spending automatically assigned to standard categories or to new categories you dream up. And you can train it how to categorize your way, so you'll have fewer and fewer adjustments to make in future.

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What doesn't Money Watch from Kotak Mahindra Bank do?

Retail customers, who have banking or Credit Card relationship with Kotak Mahindra Bank, can use Money Manager. It is for you if you are just starting out on your financial journey. Or, maybe you've been on your financial journey for a while, and you're finally ready to pay more attention. We designed Money watch for all.

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Which browsers does Money Manager from Kotak Mahindra Bank support?

Money watch from Kotak Mahindra Bank supports the following browsers on the Microsoft Windows operating system


  • Internet Explorer 8 and above
  • Google chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple safari

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