The future of banking is here! And it is time to say goodbye to long queues, limited banking hours, and cumbersome paperwork. Instead, say hello to 24X7 support, zero maintenance fees, and anytime banking.

Digital banks have paved the way for a new banking experience in which we, as customers only need to move our fingers to move our money in the direction we want it to go. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Keep reading to find out "Why now is the time to ditch your physical bank and think digital."

Going to the bank, not anymore
Let’s face it, visiting a bank to get your job done was never easy. First of all, you have to be there on time. That’s not all. Standing in queues is somewhat mandatory. Finally, when you get a chance to get in, all the paperwork is waiting for you.

Not anymore. It is time to switch to digital banking. You can open a digital savings bank account in just minutes from wherever you are. There is no paperwork involved, and the entire process is digital. Not only that, carry out all financial activities using your mobile banking app.

A digital bank is the easiest and most comfortable way to bank these days.

                       Kotak811 offers Zero Balance Account Opening Online using video KYC.

No need to pay fees or charges
A brick and mortar bank requires money to stay operational. Sadly, this money comes from you in the form of various charges levied by the bank.

A digital bank has a minimum overhead cost and that is reflected in the way they provide service to their customers. Now, you have the liberty to open a zero balance savings account where the bank will not charge you any penalty if you maintain no balance in your account, and every rupee you save will earn interest.

Better features
A digital bank account is loaded with all the essential features, so you don’t have to worry about your regular financial requirements. Pay a friend or your local shop; everything is just a click away. You could also use your banking app for online shopping, investments, and multiple other features.

Get your Zero Balance Savings Account at home with the new Video KYC zero contact process.

Getting a credit card through a digital bank is easy and convenient. You don’t have to go through confusing paperwork and can actually get a credit card instantly with just a couple of clicks.

The moment you open a digital zero balance savings account, you get a free virtual debit card. This card is useful for online payments without the added fear of losing your physical card. Also, you don't have to pay any yearly debit card maintenance fees.

Safety and security
Digital banks are equipped to withstand attacks. They are agile and are constantly updating their security systems to make it impossible to hack user data. All your transactions and banking activities are encrypted. At the same time, you are getting quick services and a secure banking experience.

So, if you are someone who hates to visit a bank, get yourself a digital bank account and take your money to the next level without the need to move out of your comfort zone.

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