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How to use a loan against property EMI Calculator?

You can use Kotak Mahindra Bank’s loan against property EMI Calculator to derive your monthly installments. Here is the link to our mortgage loan EMI calculator.

All you have to do is type in the loan amount you want to seek. Make sure that this amount is well-reasoned and within the range of 80% of your property’s market valuation. The next step would be to choose your preferred rate of interest. Post that, you can fill in the loan tenure you are seeking.

Click on “Submit”, and we will give you the answers in a blink! The number derived will be the approximate installment amount.

Please note that factors like your CIBIL Score, age, and the property’s information can influence the final cost.


What are the benefits of using a LAP Calculator?

A LAP Calculator or a mortgage EMI calculator can help you plan your finances and assess your application before submitting it. If the EMI derived seems unsupportable by the current income proofs, you can readjust your loan amount, tenure, or rate of interest.

A loan against property calculator also gives you a fair idea of whether or not you can sustain the EMI costs throughout the loan tenure. In the case of floating interest rates, the cost can vary. However, the mortgage loan EMI calculator would give you a precise number and loan map for a fixed interest rate plan.

What variables are used to calculate LAP EMI?

Three of the most important factors have already been discussed above: the principal amount proposed, the loan tenure, and the interest rate. The applicant’s income proof, work nature, age, and gender are also critical criteria.

The market valuation and nature of the property the applicant will pledge in collateral also play a huge role. Suppose the property is located in areas prone to natural disasters or isn’t insured. In that case, it is a risky asset for the lender and affects the principal amount significantly. Lesser-maintained and unkempt properties also lower the principal amounts.

What interest rate should I put in a Mortgage Calculator?

The industry standard for mortgage loans is 10-15%. However, with Kotak Mahindra Bank, you get an interest rate of 9.25% onwards on a loan against property.


We request you not to make the interest rate the only basis of your choice. One should make an informed choice knowing all the clauses and fees they may incur throughout a loan tenure.

Here is a link  to our loan against property charges.

You can also click on the loan against property eligibility tab to determine your suitability to receive a loan. 

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