Enterprise Solutions For Business

Enterprise Solution For Business

Zoho, an empanelled agency can provide you with the following services:

Enterprise Business Tools
Pick & Choose apps from an exhaustive list ranging from Sales, Finance, Human Resource, Customer Relationship to IT Helpdesk on your tap

Sales & Marketing

Accelerate your sales by generating leads online & sell smarter through established and proven Marketing tools

Financial Management

Manage Books Receivables, Payments & Inventory effectively through Book-keeping, e-invoicing, Income & Expense tracking apps. Gain visibility to your Financial supply chain so you can make informed business solutions

Customer Support

Connect with your customers instantly. Anywhere, anytime. Handhold, guide & solve your customer queries proactively

Employee Engagement

On-board your employees, manage attendance, performance & benefits. Engage, collaborate & motivate your workforce with industry-tested tools

Reporting for Business

Monitor business performance, generate reports & analytics from various data sources to arrive at useful & actionable insights for scaling up your business

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